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How to Replace My Lost Australian Citizenship Certificate


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How to Replace My Lost Australian Citizenship Certificate

Last Updated On: June 7, 2022 by admin

Australian Citizenship Certificate
How to Replace My Lost Australian Citizenship Certificate
Last updated:July 19th, 2021 by admin

Your Australian citizenship certificate is considered to be an official document because it indicates you are an Australian citizen. Each certificate has a number that is unique which identifies you and indicates the registered date of your arrival in Australia.

When you have been awarded Australian citizenship you are given an Australian citizenship certificate. This is a document you should keep safe just in case you are asked to produce it as evidence of Australian citizenship. You are also given an Australian citizenship certificate number which you should keep separate from your citizenship certificate. If you lost your Australian citizenship certificate it can prove to be quite stressful, especially if you need it. You can replace an Australian citizenship certificate but this isn’t necessarily an easy process. You have to get it replaced by the Department of Home affairs.

 Australian citizenship certificate Replacement

How do I replace my lost Australian citizenship certificate?

Before submitting your application for citizenship certificate replacement, it is necessary to provide certain documents when you initiate your application. These documents include:

  • a certified copy of your birth certificate with your name, date of birth, and place of birth,
  • a certified translation of your birth certificate with your name, and date of birth if your birth certificate is not written in English;
  • copy of evidence of residency;
  • proof of identity with a photo;
  • passport (may be used instead of your birth certificate);
  • proof of any change of name over your lifetime.

The replacement cost of an Australian citizenship certificate

When an Australian citizenship certificate has been damaged, lost, or destroyed due to a natural disaster which is listed on the Commonwealth’s Disaster Assist website, and your replacement application for a new Australian citizenship certificate is within 18 months of the occurrence of a named disaster you will not have to pay an application fee for the replacement of your citizenship certificate.

You will need to complete Form 119, which is the application for evidence of Australian citizenship. You must include in your application the following:

  • one statutory declaration that states that your Australian citizenship certificate has either been destroyed, lost, or damaged as the result of a natural disaster.

As soon as your application for your replacement citizenship certificate has been approved it will be mailed to you by registered post. If your application has been submitted from outside Australia your replacement citizenship certificate will take longer to arrive. When you receive your certificate to prevent any misunderstandings in the future you should immediately check the information on the replacement citizenship certificate such as your name & date of birth.

If you decide to use the services of a professional translation company it will make the process of getting a replacement Australian citizenship certificate far easier. The person responsible for your submission will do the following:

  • pre-check all of the required documents before your application is filed;
  • help you to complete form 119;
  • coordinate with the home affairs department once the application has been lodged.

This replacement cost of your Australian citizenship certificate will be around $500.