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Just like legal services or going to the doctor, the translation of personal documents requires trust. We have a documented Quality Management System (QMS) in place that leans on the requirements as described in ISO 9001, but is adapted to our specific situation. A quality policy, manual, and objectives are in place. We also have a competent Quality Manager whose role it is to ensure compliance with procedures and improvement of processes.

An efficient data-management system has been established that allows us to review the quality performance and identify trends and potential. The data-management system is transparent and structured, and ensures traceability of occurrences. Random sampling is conducted; regular audits ensure that objectives are met; transparent and direct communication processes are in place to ensure that all staff are informed and responsibilities are known; and a complaint-management procedure supports finding solutions (short-term) and improving processes (long-term).

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Driver's License Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Death Certificate University Certificate Police Check