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Medical report translation for overseas travel

Client: Dayle from Perth

Objective: The client needed to translate a medical report from his Australian GP into Italian before going overseas.

Problem: The report contained specialist terminology, and the client required it back on the same day, as his flight was due to depart the next day.

Solution: We have skilled medical translators available in most languages who are always on call for urgent translations.

Outcome: The client was extremely happy with the result. We delivered on time and the translation was of a high standard.

Birth certificate translation for citizenship application

Client:Marta from Dandenong

Objective:The client required a "NAATI translation" of a Hungarian birth certificate for her citizenship application. She was of course referring to a professional translation done by a translator with NAATI translator accreditation.

Problem:The Hungarian diacritics (special characters) had caused problems with Australian authorities before.

Solution:Our translators are well versed when it comes to transcribing characters that are not part of the English alphabet. In this case, we added an explanatory foot note.

Outcome:The client received her translation within 19 hours.

Marriage certificate translation for divorce application

Client:Gulzar from Parramatta

Problem:The client needed a NAATI translation (referring to a professional translation done by a translator with NAATI translator accreditation) of her Turkish marriage certificate in order to file for divorce in Australia. The Family Court also requested a translator affidavit in addition to the NAATI stamp.

Solution: Our Turkish translator translated the marriage certificate on the same day, and also affirmed the affidavit as requested. All our translators have experience in this process.

Outcome:Gulzar felt very relieved that the translation process was so smooth. The Family Court accepted her divorce application without any problems.

Translation of multiple documents for a sponsorship visa

Client: Andreas from Toowong

Problem: The client needed 21 pages of German employment history documents translated into English. He was very worried about the correct terminology for his profession and training. Timing was an additional pressure as he had to lodge his application within four days.

Solution: We lined up a team of German NAATI translators to make sure we could finalise this project on the same day. Our translators understand the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, as well as concepts such as the Skilled Occupation List, skills assessments, etc.

Outcome: The client was able to lodge his visa application on time, and has since received an approval. His employer has used our services several times since this great experience.

Translation of documents for an overseas citizenship application

Client: Anca from Penrith

Problem: The client, an Australian citizen, previously had Romanian citizenship but lost it. In order to reapply, she needed a lot of family-related documents translated, including old handwritten certificates. The documents also needed to be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and to get an Apostille.

Solution: For most languages, we have experienced translators who can read even the grizzliest handwriting. We also have a thorough understanding of the compliance processes of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Outcome: The documents reached the client within two days. The Apostilles were done equally quickly, and within only five days the client was able to courier his application to the Romanian authorities.

Translation of voice recordings for court proceedings

Client: Sudhir from Adelaide

Problem: The client was going through a Migration Review Tribunal process, and required evidence of certain events in his home country of Nepal. Documents were unobtainable, but he had recorded phone calls and was able to provide the audio files of these recordings.

Solution: With our team of transcriptionists and translators, we were able to provide a NAATI translation of the audio files, fully admissible at the Migration Review Tribunal

Outcome: While the client’s proceedings have not been finalised yet, the court has confirmed that the translation of the voice recordings that we provided are compliant with the rules of evidence and procedure.

Translation of a driver’s licence to rent a car

Client: Dieter from Switzerland

Problem: The client called us from a camper van rental office in Alice Springs. He had just arrived from Switzerland and was ready to embark on his trip through the Australian outback. However, he was unable to get access to his camper van without a NAATI translation of his driver’s licence.

Solution: We offer a range of rush services, and can return translations within the hour if required. We emailed the certified translation to the rental car provider exactly 76 minutes after Dieter’s call.

Outcome: Our rush service saved Dieter’s day. Shortly after noon, he happily drove off in his camper van, ready to discover Australia.

Translation of a coroner’s report and death certificate

Client: Emir from Sydney

Problem: The client’s mother had unexpectedly died while visiting her home country of Bosnia. Australian authorities stopped the repatriation until evidence of the cause of death could be provided.

Solution: Time was of the essence here. With the casket waiting at the airport, we only had an hour to get these documents translated. Three translators got active immediately.

Outcome: We delivered the translation on time, and faxed them to the authorities at the same time. Emir was very relieved that the casket could continue its journey back to Australia without any delays.

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