Our NAATI translator gives you peace of mind

There are strict standards when it comes to the validity of visa translation services so that the documents are accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and other authorities in Australia. This includes the NAATI translator stamp and certification on each page of the migration translation. Our visa translations fulfill all requirements so that your Australian visa application runs smoothly.

Our NAATI translators are very experienced with translating migration documents – they possess a vast amount of experience in the field of NAATI immigration translation and are aware of many formalities that may need to be considered so that your visa application runs smoothly and without any unnecessary delays.

Furthermore, all translations go through a quality control process: A designated proofreader assesses the work of the translator and compares the translation to the original. Proofreading enhances the quality of the translation, and it is an integral part of The Migration Translator’s commitment to quality. We always go the extra mile to make you, our client, happy!

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