Facebook is a Universal Language Learning Machine!

Do you use Facebook? Probably! Around 900 million people use Facebook on a regular basis around the world in a plethora of different languages. It’s not just all those boring daily quips from people who are really not doing anything interesting at all that often clog up your own Facebook Read More

Is There an Official Language in Australia?

The short answer is that there is no official language in Australia, but in reality the situation is a little more complex. For all official documents which are needed to support a government application such as a visa or citizenship application, these must be in English. If the original documents Read More

Bad Valentine’s Day Mistakes in Translation

Valentine’s Day is just one of those days in the year that exerts remarkable pressure on people particularly those who are seeking out love which is often for the 1st time. Those who see Valentine’s Day as an important event try hard to rehearse the best phrases to use when Read More

Key Ways to Team up with the Right E-learning Partner for Translation

In this world of global markets, multinational companies operate far beyond borders that speak just their own language(s). They have set up factories and bases all around the world. This doesn’t mean that managers, executives and workers come with them from the country of origin. Depending on their skills, they Read More

​​Culture is Key to a Business Translation

When a professional business translation takes place, cultural understanding of the target language is necessary, especially when it comes to dealing with products for a business. If the product is likely to be more of interest to women, for example, the language in the business translation should be adapted accordingly to Read More

How to Market Yourself as a Translator

As a new freelance translator it can be hard to know how to get started. Do you keep knocking on the doors of translation agencies, only to find they don’t need you / pay you too little / only want someone with experience. Or do you try and approach potential clients Read More

Why a Return on Your Translation Investment is Important?

Translation may be something that is an essential part of communication or it may be needed whenever a document is required for a government agency, an employer or business. For example, if a business wants to set up a local agency in another country it is likely that there will Read More

Investing in Translation Beats Treating it as a Cost

Whenever you spend money on something it could either be regarded as a cost or an investment. There may seem to be little difference between these terms, but in reality there is. Basically, if you view expenditure on an item as a cost, you are not expecting it to enhance Read More

Is Your App Christmas Ready?

If you are an app developer or someone who is selling your products through an app that you have released or is already available you should make sure that it is up to the challenge of meeting the heavy demands of the pre-Christmas season. This time of the year and Read More

A Global Economy Needs Expert Financial Translation

The flow of money and financial transactions are probably more global than any other sphere of human activity. For these transactions to occur as speedily and as seamlessly as possible, it requires professional translation agencies to employ translators with expertise in financial translation. Financial translation can be challenging, not least Read More

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