Global Translation: Words & Etiquette in China

China is progressing so fast as a country that even companies in Britain see it as a lucrative prospect. It is experiencing an increase in population, which in turn means an increase in potential consumers. Also, what is particularly important for British industries is the demand for the more luxurious Read More

Strategies Used In Translation

General translation strategy is a method used to transfer written and oral messages from one language into another.  A general translation is designed to communicate the same meaning that the speakers or writers of the source language want, using normal language but keeping the source language’s dynamics.  It also important for Read More

It’s an Advantage to Employ Multilinguists

The world is changing, whether people like it or not. The politically explosive changes in Britain and the U.S. last year and the polarisation of politics in Europe that is ongoing reveals that there is certainly disquiet about the effects of globalisation, but it is hard to see how migration Read More

Why Bother Having a Multi Language Website?

There is a growing demand for multiple language translation for websites that are designed to offer business services to more than one language group or to government and non-governmental agencies that deal with more than one language group. There are few countries in the modern world that are now only Read More

The Missing Women in Translation

Something somehow seems to happen to the number of women in translation. It’s not something that’s easy to put your finger on, but the numbers speak for themselves. Only about a quarter of female writers see their translated material published. And that’s even taking into account the fact that the Read More

Happy Earth Day From The Migration Translators!

  Coming up soon on the 22nd April 2016 is the World’s 46th Earth Day! The Migration Translators’ staff will be celebrating the day, both individually and together by either walking or cycling to work or using sustainable transport. They welcome you to think about the meaning of Earth Day and Read More

Press Release Translations are Best Left to Professional Translators

Press releases have become an integral part of marketing. They are best left for original messages, changes in business practice, special deals and release of new products. But for many businesses, press releases are a means by which the company’s profile is kept as visible as possible. Businesses are much Read More

Turning the Tide: Focus on Women in Translation

It has been noted already that when it comes to translated literature, there is a preponderance of male writers getting their work published, even if what they have written has been translated by women translators. Now, a small number of publishing companies are keen to turn the tide and promote women Read More

Brief Guide to Melbourne Over Easter

If you are thinking about visiting Australia around Easter, consider Melbourne. It will be packed full of things to do and see and many restaurants, shops and other services will stay open over the long weekend between the 14th and 17th April. As Melbourne is a Mecca for foreign visitors Read More

Is Australia a dangerous country?

If you have been offered a job and qualify to work in Australia, you have been offered permanent residency on the basis of your skills, or you have a large sum of money and are thinking of migrating to Australia in the business category, you will be choosing to live Read More

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