Why the French Language is Special

Few countries emphasise the relationship between language and culture as much as France. Any visit to France or its dependencies and overseas territories can never be appreciated without any knowledge of the French language. Mastering French provides a window onto one of Europe’s great economic and cultural powerhouses. The French Read More

Translation & Interpreting Master’s Degrees at Australian Universities

Australian universities have a well-deserved reputation for their excellent courses and qualifications. Are you are looking to get a foothold on the translating and interpreting career ladder and have already had experience as a translator or interpreter in your own country? Are you already qualified with a translating & interpreting Read More

Translating Culture is as Important as Translating Language for Newly Arrived Chinese in Australia

Australia has a strict immigration policy which is meant to ensure that any skilled migrants are at least able to communicate easily with Australians once they arrive. But cultural differences can be almost as difficult to adjust to as linguistic ones and these are not part of the criteria for Read More

What You Should Know Before You Start Blogging in Two Languages

  If you don’t have bilingual blog yet but would like to have a go you should consider the points below first: Will You Have Sufficient Time? Maintaining a blog is not as easy as you might think.  It does take up time which is often valuable time spent on Read More

Over-the-Phone Translators are Useful for Quick Translations

Once in a while you may come across a document that seems interesting but you simply can’t understand it because it’s not in your language. What might you do at that point? Would you make use of a machine translation tool despite its drawback or perhaps you would search for Read More

Language in Sports: Communicating With the Referee

How sports players are reported to be communicating in sports with referees in Europe is an interesting topic. In competitions like the UEFA Champions League referees that are linked with the competitions are from just about anywhere in Europe. One recent example is the final of the 2017 Champions League which Read More

Small Business Benefits From Internationalisation

International business relations are crucial for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as it enables them to prosper in what is seen as an ever increasing competitive world. A recent study has revealed that international business expansion leads to more employment. The European Commission backed and funded an international business study called the Read More

What is NAATI Accreditation and Recognition?

What is NAATI? NAATI is an acronym standing for the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters. It is an Australian company that is owned jointly by the six Australian states, the two territories and the federal government. Its aim is to provide a national standard for interpreting and translating Read More

5 Important Things You Should Know About Māori Translation

Lots of people have heard of Māori often in relation to the rugby team known as the All Blacks. In New Zealand, Māori have a vibrant culture and there is eagerness to keep the Maori language alive. The haka is a well know welcoming ceremony used throughout New Zealand when events of Read More

Why Are Some Document Translation Services More Expensive Than Others?

These days translating documents is far more commonplace than it ever used to be. The reason for this is globalisation. Both humans and businesses are extending their boundaries to faraway places trying to find a niche where they can fit in nicely or even grow their profits. Any movement into Read More

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