Why Are Some Document Translation Services More Expensive Than Others?

These days translating documents is far more commonplace than it ever used to be. The reason for this is globalisation. Both humans and businesses are extending their boundaries to faraway places trying to find a niche where they can fit in nicely or even grow their profits. Any movement into Read More

The Cost of Localization is Cost Effective in the Long Run

Newbies in the international ecommerce industry may not fully appreciate the importance of localization. In fact, the term may be misunderstood and confused with translation. Most business that are involved in selling goods to an international market understand that they have little chance of actually connecting with much of the Read More

The Sydney Film Festival 2017

Hot on the heels of the better known Cannes Film Festival is the Sydney (Australia) Film Festival. This is an annual event which takes place at a number of different venues in Sydney. This year, 2017, the festival takes place between the 7th and 18th of June. The festival showcases many films Read More

Communication Means a Successful Document Translation

When translating a document the source document’s quality is related directly to how long it takes to complete a good translation. The quality of the original document also helps in the calculation of the cost of the translation at the commencement of the document translation. What a translator thinks At Read More

Translation in a Multicultural Australia

Multicultural Australia is without a doubt here to stay and the New South Wales Government has shown its commitment in making sure that all its residents have adequate access to all services, and opportunities throughout the state. It recognises that some residents do find it hard to communicate well enough in Read More

Global Translation: Words & Etiquette in China

China is progressing so fast as a country that even companies in Britain see it as a lucrative prospect. It is experiencing an increase in population, which in turn means an increase in potential consumers. Also, what is particularly important for British industries is the demand for the more luxurious Read More

Strategies Used In Translation

General translation strategy is a method used to transfer written and oral messages from one language into another.  A general translation is designed to communicate the same meaning that the speakers or writers of the source language want, using normal language but keeping the source language’s dynamics.  It also important for Read More

It’s an Advantage to Employ Multilinguists

The world is changing, whether people like it or not. The politically explosive changes in Britain and the U.S. last year and the polarisation of politics in Europe that is ongoing reveals that there is certainly disquiet about the effects of globalisation, but it is hard to see how migration Read More

Why Bother Having a Multi Language Website?

There is a growing demand for multiple language translation for websites that are designed to offer business services to more than one language group or to government and non-governmental agencies that deal with more than one language group. There are few countries in the modern world that are now only Read More

The Missing Women in Translation

Something somehow seems to happen to the number of women in translation. It’s not something that’s easy to put your finger on, but the numbers speak for themselves. Only about a quarter of female writers see their translated material published. And that’s even taking into account the fact that the Read More

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