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Driver’s licence translations


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Driver’s licence translations (NAATI-certified)

If you need to have your driver’s licence translated, our NAATI translatorscan provide you with a professional service. Our translators are native speakers in their own languages, and we specialize in NAATI-certified translations of official documents, whatever the original language. This is ideal for you if you’re applying for an Australian or New Zealand driver’s licence; want to keep a translation of your overseas licence in the car; want to hire a rental car; need a translation as an ID document; for a visa or job application; or for opening a bank account.

Note for clients in New South Wales: You cannot use our translation if you want to apply for an Australian license in New South Wales. Unfortunately, the NSW Road & Maritime Safety Authority only accepts translation that are done by the Community Relations Commission (see However, our translation is OK if you want to drive in NSW, rent a car, etc. This restriction also does not exist in other Australian states, it is only a problem in NSW and only for license applications.

About Us

Driver licence translations are just one specialty of The Migration Translators. We are a leading provider of NAATI-certified translations of personal documents such as passports, identity cards, police clearance certificates, name change certificates, etc. To learn more about us, click here.


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