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Boosting Your Presence at an International Business Event with Effective Interpreting Services


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Boosting Your Presence at an International Business Event with Effective Interpreting Services

Last Updated On: December 6, 2017 by admin

Effective Interpreting Services
Boosting Your Presence at an International Business Event with Effective Interpreting Services
Last updated:October 24th, 2017 by admin

You are not going to attend an international business event of any type, however you are involved, without aiming to boost your business presence. Unless you happen to be at an event where everyone speaks the same language as you do (an unlikely proposition) you will need to think of some effective interpreting facilities. If you don’t plan ahead, your communication with a whole host of useful contacts, customers, clients, suppliers, buyers and other connections may be wasted. It’s wishful thinking that everyone else in the business world-wide is fluent in English, even if that language is still the most commonly used intermediary.

So what Sorts of Interpreting Services may Come in Useful?

If you are attending a conference, and intend to really make an impact, you should think about simultaneous conference interpreting facilities. If you think they are not made available by the conference organisers, perhaps you should suggest it. The way it works is like what happens at important political events like the U.N. where representatives are free to speak in their own language, yet this is simultaneously translated into the languages of the other delegates. It’s not a cheap solution, so whether it is justified depends exactly on the potential financial rewards. 

The most common simultaneous interpreting service uses a team of interpreters who are seated away from the main conference or event room. Delegates or conference attendees wear a special headset, through which they hear other delegates speak in their own language.  As the delegate speaks into the headset microphone it is picked up by the team of interpreters who simultaneously interpret into the languages of the other delegates.

One on one interpreters may be very useful if you are invited for meetings with individuals who don’t speak your language. Interpreters may also be required if there are guest speakers at a conference or event where the majority of the attendees speak the same language. This may be something that you can organise for yourself if it is you that is the guest speaker. It beats having to learn the language before you go. More importantly, it frees you up so that you can speak more confidently in your own language while someone else has the responsibility of conveying your message.

Hopefully, interpreters have been chosen carefully so that they have industry experience in the topics that are most likely to be discussed. 

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