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Building up the Barrier


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Building up the Barrier

Last Updated On: November 24, 2013 by admin

Building up the Barrier
Last updated:November 24th, 2013 by admin

Nature and technology may seem polar opposites but actually a lot of technology has been inspired by nature, in fact there’s even a word to describe technology which has been created based on observations of the natural world “biomimicry”. These days, technology is increasingly being used to protect nature. One of the most spectacular examples of this in action is the recent satellite mapping of the Great Barrier Reef, carried out by a team mainly made up of Australian and German scientists. The reef has been mapped before but only using data from ships and aircraft, which gave much less accurate and detailed information. The satellites covered the reef to a depth of 100 feet and have produced a spectacular 3D model of the whole reef in all its intricate natural glory. Scientists hope that studying the reef’s physical appearance in detail will help them to understand and protect it better. For example if they understand how currents flow through the reef, they will be better able to understand how threats affect it too – and how to combat them. Translating this underwater marvel into a 3D image is a job for scientists, translating the immigration documents of those who wish to see it is a job best left to a professional NAATI translator.


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