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The Dari Language, its History & Facts

Last Updated On: June 3, 2022 by The Migration Translators

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The Dari Language, its History & Facts
Last updated:March 15th, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Dari is a political term that is used for the variety of dialects of the Persian language that are spoken in Afghanistan. Dari was officially promoted and has been recognized by the government of Afghanistan since 1964 as the country’s Persian language.

Pashto and Dari are Afghanistan’s official languages. Dari belongs to the northwestern Iranian language sub-family. It is related closely to languages like Baluchi, Kurdish, and Gilaki. Dari, and not Pashto, is the lingua franca representing Afghanistan’s many language groups. About 33 percent of Afghanistan’s population, around 5 million, speak Dari. The language is also spoken by 2.5 million people in Pakistan and Iran and in neighboring regions.

Dari Language History

In the middle of the 6th century B.C. Dari became the language of Persian & Zorastrian priests following the defeat by Cyrus of the Parthians. Not long after, Dari became the language spoken at the Sassanids’ Persian courts. In the 6th century A.D., after the Muslim conquest, Arabic took over from Dari as the Persians’ official language. This lasted around 200 years. Throughout this time Dari wasn’t forgotten and slowly took on a new form that was mainly influenced by Parthian and Arabic.

Dari Language Facts

Dari is the main language spoken by the Hazara, Tajik, and Chahar Aimak people in Afghanistan.

The syntax of Afghani Persian (Dari) isn’t a lot different from Iranian Persian which is commonly referred to as Farsi. Spoken Afghani Persian (Dari) uses a suffix -ra. The vowel system is also different from Iranian Persian, to a certain extent.
Adjectives, shapes, colors, and sizes are important in Dari.
Adjectives have just one form. They don’t agree on either gender (as Persian is gender-neutral) or number with any noun they are modifying.
Adjectives follow the noun.

Dari to English translations

Dari is a complex language that encompasses its own structure and nuances. Dari translators have refined translations from Dari to English over the last 20 years by establishing the required resources so that quite a good meaning can be delivered when translating it into foreign languages.

The easiest way to get a good Dari to English translation is to find a translation service that has experienced speakers of the language and specializes in Dari to English translations. Working with specialist translation services provides the added benefit that every translated Dari to English text is reviewed by experts before being released to the client.