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Good Reasons to Translate your Blog using a Professional Translation Service

Last Updated On: January 27, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Professional Translation Service
Good Reasons to Translate your Blog using a Professional Translation Service
Last updated:April 30th, 2019 by The Migration Translators

Many businesses and individuals use blogs to provide information and market products while individuals describe the flow of events in their life in the hope that readers will be enlightened. Businesses use blog posts to attract customers because blog topics which are added to regularly are often about news or breakthroughs related to the blog writer’s business. If for example, the blog owner is a travel agent the blogs may be about the appraising of great travel destinations. For the ardent traveller, this may be a blog post they go to regularly. The travel agent, of course, hopes to attract customers as a result of interest in reading the business’s blog page. Of course, these day’s businesses and individuals want their blog posts to be read around the world so this means accurate professional translators are required to undertake an accurate blog translation.

The Blog Title Determines the Number of Readers:-

The blog title is a blog’s key tool and should not be overlooked. It helps people to find your blog on the internet. It determines if anyone wants to actually read your blog. If you spend a minute getting your blog title translated your blog reader could be reading your blog for hours.

A Blog Translation may be Required

The importance of a blog translation is if the blog draws interest from the local market this is the time to get a professional translation of the blog. This draws in more readers of the targeted languages who may not otherwise bother reading a blog in a language they have little knowledge of. Many businesses depend upon blogs as a way of showcasing who they are on the international market. This will never work unless a blog translation is done first. A good blog translation would be one that looks like the translation is natural and has no sign of mistranslation or awkward wording.

Do not go for the Cheapest Blog Translation Option:-

There is always this attraction to translating a business’s documents using machine translators like Google Translate; after all, it is free. This is not an option if you really want to gain from your translation investment. Too many clumsy mistakes and misunderstood language takes place when online tools like Google Translate are used for translations.

Use a human Translator to Translate your blog’s title

There are so many examples showing how serious blog titles have been turned into comical titles because the translation was done by machine translation tools like Google Translate. Blog writers can be very talented and produce text that is so creative that readers are keen to share. Using a machine translation tool can change their catchy style and destroy their creativity. Human translators create the best result as they use their translation skills so that the blog writer’s creativity is not lost. Machine translators do not have the capability to do this yet.

Machine Translations could Spoil a brand’s name

If you really have no idea what a translation of a language looks like you should never use a machine translator. A Chinese restaurant owner found this out the hard way when in his blog post he tried to change his Chinese restaurant name into English but the machine translator could not find any equivalent words so it came up with ‘Translate server error’ As the restaurant owner could not speak any English he thought the translation must be correct. He used the words in his campaign blog to attract customers, so the advert came out like this ‘Sichuan pork shoulder and noodle soup, only 30¥ today through to Saturday at our restaurant, Translate server error!’This is definitely a mistake that would never have occurred if a human translator had done the translation. No doubt for anyone who understood English they would have difficulty finding a restaurant with such an unusual name.

Google Does not like Machine Translations

If Google detects you have used a machine translation tool it could affect the ranking of your blog. You can take the risk and begin your translation with a machine translator and then revise it accordingly. This should work if you use a human translator to do the revisions. If you prefer to use free Google translations on your site, you could display the widget for the Google translation website. Google does support this way of doing a blog post translation.

Translate your blog posts the easy way

If your blog post is in WordPress and you add articles often, it is often hard to manage all the translations you require. An easy solution is the use of a WPML plugin. This will create for you a multilingual website. If you use WPML’s translation services, you may have access to experienced human translators so your blog posts can be translated by a professional human translator. This is a tool accepted by Google.


Language translation is increasingly a part of daily life, from doing business in overseas countries to reporting worldwide events and providing information on any topic to an international audience. The importance of blog translation cannot be underestimated as blogs are commonly used as a way of transmitting the information which promotes products and services. Because language use is continually in flux no computer programme has yet been invented that can deal with the varieties of language used in blog posts. This means that the role of professional human translators for blog post translation is guaranteed at least for the moment.