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How to Get Cheap and Fast Spanish Translations

Last Updated On: December 5, 2023 by The Migration Translators

Spanish Translations
How to Get Cheap and Fast Spanish Translations
Last updated:May 14th, 2019 by The Migration Translators

Today, with the use of the internet, it is far easier to get a fast Spanish translation at low rates than at any time in history. Speed is everything in the world today and that applies to Spanish translations as much as anything else.

Who needs a fast, cheap Spanish translation?

There are many reasons why you may need a cheap Spanish translation quickly. Some of which are:
you are applying for a job in an English speaking country and you need to translate your references quickly from Spanish to English;
you are going to work in a Spanish speaking country and you need a Spanish translation for your birth certificate, police clearance document, job offer and qualifications and any other documents asked for by the immigration authorities.
businesses may also require urgent Spanish translations when launching a campaign in a Spanish speaking country for a new product.

It is easy to find a cheap Spanish translation

Throughout the world there are more than 437 million speakers of Spanish. This means there is a vast pool of Spanish translators available to translate documents quickly and at cheap rates. Depending on how fast you want your translations completed you should get a quote from a number of translators first. Sometimes translators ask for more if you want a 24 hour turnaround but because there are many Spanish translators who offer cheap Spanish translations it will not take long to find one who fits your budget and can provide a fast turnaround too.
The first thing to do is look for a translation agency that has an excellent reputation and a sound client base. These sorts of agencies will be upfront and honest and will provide you with their cheap Spanish translation rates in advance so you know what to expect when you get the bill. It is only these sorts of translation agencies that can be trusted to choose the right translator for your industry or organisation who is skilled in providing fast but accurate translations.

Translation techniques for cheap Spanish translations

Most professional translators who provide cheap Spanish translations do not take short cuts because of the cost. They use a variety of translation techniques depending on the type of translation. Basically though there are two main techniques used and the one the translator chooses will depend on what other language the Spanish is to be paired with. Some Spanish language pairs are more suited to direct translations while other pairs are better suited to indirect translation techniques.
Most professional Spanish translators specialise in a specific language pair. There are of course a few who consider themselves to be multilingual and may be competent enough to do Spanish translations into more than one language. If you are looking for Spanish translation at low rates and you need to translate your Spanish documents into two languages you may be lucky to find a Spanish translator who is able to do this. There is a good chance that a successful Spanish translator will have a good understanding of the cultures of the languages he or she translates too as this is so important when an accurate translation is required.

Two main translation techniques

Your translator may use a literal translation or direct translation when Spanish is being translated into a second language which has the same grammar and syntax. This is the method used by free online translation tools but it has been found that it is not always accurate. This would not work well enough for Spanish to English translations. Indirect translations methods tend to be favoured by Spanish translators who offer Spanish translations at low rates. It looks into more depth in order to find just the right words for a Spanish translation so that no one could tell it was a translation.

When direct translations are performed by online tools like Google Translate you can expect to see wrong word usages which make the translation clumsy to read. Most importantly anyone reading a direct translation will know it is a translation because these translations are rarely perfect. This would certainly not be appropriate for any types of legal documents where accuracy is so important. Overall, because human translators are still the best translators, indirect translations are more commonly used, even if you want Spanish translations at low rates.