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Public Pottering Takes Over Australia


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Public Pottering Takes Over Australia

Last Updated On: July 10, 2017 by admin

Public Pottering Takes Over Australia
Last updated:March 31st, 2013 by admin


"Magician Doing Magic" by nirots from

Harry Potter mania has swept the globe and shows no signs of abating even though both books and films are long over. Australians being Australians, they have given the whole Harry Potter concept a new twist by creating public Pottering. In other words by creating quirky photographs of people “flying” on broomsticks. The idea was the brainchild of Martin Kastengren, 21, George Andrianakos, 21 and Simon Carr, 19, who started the trend at the end of the beach season.


Of course, while the whole world loves Harry Potter, Australia has plenty of home-grown writers to celebrate. Possibly Australia’s most famous literary export is Miles Franklin, author of My Brilliant Career. Clive James is also a familiar name internationally. Anna Funder is tipped as a writer to watch after winning the 2012 Miles Franklin Prize with her debut novel “All That I Am”. Australia has been flexing its literary muscle more and more over recent years and much of its literature has a unique character reflecting the uniqueness of the country. Those interested in experiencing Australia for themselves are likely to benefit from the services of a NAATI translator. They may be less literary but they are very helpful.


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