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Setting the record straight

Last Updated On: July 7, 2017 by The Migration Translators

Setting the record straight
Last updated:February 11th, 2013 by The Migration Translators

Today, an Australian regained his world-record-holding crown.  Called Cassius, he is now officially the world’s largest captive salt-water crocodile (after a Malaysian rival died).


Australians are generally up for some fun and hold some very creative world records.


Richard Glover and Peter FitzSimons managed to talk for 24 hours straight to create the world’s longest radio interview.  It will probably talk some creativity, not to mention stamina, to beat that one.


Although never occupied by the Romans, theUniversity of Queensland Union and Queensland University of Technology managed to host the World’s largest toga party.  This feat was made even more impressive by the fact that the event was held in absolutely torrential rain.


Participants recovering from the party might have been interested in taking part in the largest breakfast in bed; unfortunately it took place in Sydney.  A total of 289 lucky people were served a delicious, hot breakfast in beds set up in Martin Place.


There are plenty of other interesting records held by Australia or Australians, such as most people wearing wigs, biggest drumming lesson and fastest marathon dressed as Mr Potato Head and new ones are set on a regular basis.


Those interested in going to Australia to take part in a record-breaking event (or for any other reason) could do well to enlist the services of a NAATI translator to keep the record straight.