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The Benefits of Learning Italian

Last Updated On: July 22, 2020 by The Migration Translators

Italian Language
The Benefits of Learning Italian
Last updated:May 22nd, 2019 by The Migration Translators

How to Learn Italian Fast

Many Italian language experts suggest immersion as the quickest way to fluency and how to learn Italian quickly. The best way to do this is to move to Italy and set yourself up with a host family so you can interact with them in Italian as you will have no other common language. Immersion is the best choice if you can interact in Italian day in and day out. Other options for the easiest way to learn Italian:

  • listen to Italian opera or Italian popular music while in the car;
  • watch Italian movies when at home;
  • sign up for an integrated audio/text online program for at least 10 minutes a day so you can learn the Italian language online;
  • listen carefully when you hear the Italian language being spoken in public;
  • stream Italian tv online to get Italian language basics.

Use all the resources available to learn Italian fast such as audio courses, CD-ROM programs, grammar books, study Italian online, flash cards, traditional college courses and speak to native Italian-speakers as often as possible. If no one in your city or town speaks Italian, it is possible to source an Italian language partner online. You can then communicate by video calling or instant messaging.

One of the well-worn routes to learning Italian is to try and speak the Italian you know so you get to practise it and correct your mistakes as you go along. Making mistakes is not a reason to give up but as long as you are relaxed you will soon get it right. Whatever route you use for the fastest way to learn Italian constant exposure and regular speaking practice puts you on the way to better fluency. You will be proud of your achievements in no time at all.

Job Opportunities for Italian Bilinguals

Here is a List of Potential Jobs for an Italian Bilingual Speaker
  • Italian interpreter;
  • work from home bilingual Italian /English video/ Phone Interpreter. The Italian video/ telephone interpreter takes responsibility for handling phone calls on demand;
  • bilingual (Spanish/Italian) designer for outerwear. Has to be fluent in either Italian or Spanish and has to be able to travel to other countries as required;
  • global language teacher – Spanish/Italian;
  • work-from-home Italian bilingual with English as a customer representative;
  • Expert freelance translator;
  • LAX Airline check-in, customer service agents (Bilingual Italian/English);
  • Spanish / Italian Teacher;
  • bilingual Italian/ English Customer Service Associate;
  • freelance translator/interpreter Italian/Spanish/English.

Benefits of learning Italian

The Italian language in U.S. colleges is the 4th most studied language. There are a number of reasons for this trend to learn Italian as a beginner which include:

  • It is a beautiful language and has a beautiful rhythm and flows quite naturally.
  • Italy is packed with world heritage sites.
  • Italian is the language of music like adagio, cappella, piano, dolce, forte, allegro and Veloce.
  • It is the sought after language for opera singers.
  • It is packed with familiar food words.
  • At least 6% of Americans claim to possess Italian blood.
  • Italian is the closest language to Latin and Latin is the common ancestor of all of the romance languages.
  • Increased career opportunities as Made in Italy is the most sought after brand.
  • It is the language of romance and love.
  • Italy is a favourite tourist destination.

Language learners in general experience a personality shift when they learn a new language like Italian. As you become more competent in the language there is more of a tendency to take on the personality traits of the native speaker of that language. If the language attracts a more outgoing personality then as you learn the language you could become more outgoing yourself. Italian tends to involve more use of hand gestures than some other languages so this tendency can spread to the new Italian language speaker.

It has been the downfall of some new Italian speakers as they have become known for breaking expensive items in a house as they gesticulate wildly with their arms without thinking about what could be in the way. In many ways, this is beneficial as it shows the new Italian speaker knows how to fit into the context of the new language. This is often key to a foreigner’s acceptance in another country with another language.