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How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated in Australia?

Last Updated On: June 6, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Australians love to travel and sometimes travel turns to love
How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated in Australia?
Last updated:February 10th, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Valentine’s Day is fixed on the 14th February every year and is observed globally as a day in the year which is dedicated to celebrate love and romance. This day dates back to the 3rd century A.D. Many Australian couples like to celebrate this day but it is not a public holiday.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Australia

  • In Australia many couples exchange cards or gifts and go out together on a romantic date. Because Valentine’s Day falls in the summer months in Australia, a popular activity is sharing a romantic picnic.
  • If you happen to live in Sydney or close by on Valentine’s Day a popular activity is going on a 3 hour Sydney harbour romantic cruise where you can drink as much champagne as you wish.
  • Those couples who like going out to restaurants will find these businesses offer special deals for romantic couples on Valentine’s Day.
  • A hot air balloon ride at dawn is often on offer for those well heeled couples who either live or are visiting the Gold Coast to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • If it’s Western Australia where you intend to be on this date, visiting a boutique winery and booking an e-course dinner is a common activity for romantic couples.

How does Australia celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Many people in Australia observe Valentine’s Day by giving chocolates, flowers and jewellery to the one they love to show how much they appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day: interesting facts

The most unusual tradition on Valentine’s Day is in Denmark where single people often send anonymous poems or letters to those they admire, often written on paper snowflakes. If the person receiving the poem or letter guesses correctly who the sender is the sender must give the receiver an Easter egg. This is a tradition that originates in the 18th century..

It is not much of a surprise to know that in the USA around 190 million Valentine’s cards are sent very year. This fact doesn’t include the many cards that are sent in schools which are created by children and they exchange with one another and their teachers It is a true fact that it is the teachers in the USA who receive the most Valentine’s Day cards.

People in the United States spend around $18.2 billion on goods every Valentine’s Day, which is about $136 per person.

In many South American countries, Valentine’s Day is called the day of friendship and love and the commonest activity is giving letters and gifts to friends to show their gratitude for their friendship.

Iran, as an Islamic country, doesn’t like Western ideals, so the production and printing of Valentine’s Day promotional gifts and cards is prohibited. It is called a “decadent Western ritual”. However, there is a Persian holiday which focuses on displaying love towards mothers and wives which takes place at much the same time. Muslim nations, such as Malaysia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, have also banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day.