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What are Translation Plugins and How Are They Helpful?

Last Updated On: May 14, 2019 by The Migration Translators

Translation Plugin
What are Translation Plugins and How Are They Helpful?
Last updated:February 18th, 2019 by The Migration Translators

When you are developing a website for all to see you look at a number of important features, such as content, SEO, optimisation, responsiveness and marketing. There is more to presenting a website than that as you have to think about who you expect to browse your website. If you are intending upon including overseas visitors then they probably won’t speak your language. This is where translation plugins can be helpful and they don’t cost much either.

WordPress, in particular, has available a good selection of great plugins that can assist you to put together multilingual content. All you have to think about is how much will using these plugins benefit you. If you live in Australia, England or the United States you may think that everyone speaks English. However, of the online audience, just 26% are English speakers. Even in the U.S., 10% of the population speaks Spanish. There are so many success stories heard from businesses about how much they have gained in revenue when they translate their websites into multiple languages. It makes using translation plugins so much more worthwhile.

Lingotek Translation Plugins

One useful plugin is Lingotek Translation, which uses a cloud-based translation web which makes it possible to get translations using machine tools, through crowdsourcing, or through the hiring of professional translators a pool of more than 5,000 certified translators. Once you have registered with Lingotek you can choose your translation method and follow the translation until it reaches the publishing stage. The machine translation component doesn’t cost anything for the first 100,000 characters and this is done by the Microsoft Translator called API.

GTS Plugins

This plugin’s aim is to elevate traffic to your website site partly using machine translations and polishing by using crowdsourcing which avoids making grammatical mistakes that could be embarrassing. It also has functions for optimising search engines. Most of the translations are done by machine but are edited by human translators. GTS supports more than thirty key languages.

Google Language Translator Plugins

This isn’t the official Google translator plugin, but it is a tool constructed above Google Translate that enables you to provide multilingual content in the easiest way possible. To get started it’s necessary to download the translation plugin then activate it. You are provided with several choices and in the end, you will have a rough version of your content in the languages you have chosen. There are 80 languages available and visitors can manually switch either between a selected group of languages, or the complete range of Google Translate’s choices.


Overall, translation plugins are a useful tool to tap into so that you can get your website content more user-friendly  for the multilingual world. If you are involved in marketing a product that needs a detailed accurate translation like a medical device you need to look carefully when choosing a plugin. You don’t want to be sued if you provide inaccurate user instructions and someone is injured.