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8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Turkish

Last Updated On: May 20, 2022 by The Migration Translators

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Turkish
8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Turkish
Last updated:October 18th, 2021 by The Migration Translators

Learning Turkish has many advantages and here are eight great reasons described below to learn the Turkish language.

1. Learn Turkish to speak to a lot of people

The Turkish language is Turkey’s official language but that’s not the only country where Turkish is spoken. There are millions of people who live in Greece, Germany, and Cyprus who also speak Turkish. In fact, overall there are around 80 million speakers of Turkish throughout the world.

2. Turkey is of geographic importance

Turkey is situated between Asia and Europe so it links the Middle East with the West. Anyone interested in international relations would really find learning Turkish beneficial. Since 1995, the EU and Turkey have had a customs union. As Turkey’s international importance has grown there are more career opportunities in the country where learning Turkish would definitely be an advantage.

3. Turkish is easy to learn

English speakers in particular don’t find it too hard to learn the Turkish language. This is because its alphabet uses Latin letters so English speakers can read Turkish easily. Turkish language pronunciation isn’t too difficult at all so learners don’t need to worry about their accent. To make it even easier to learn when in Turkey the Turkish really appreciate visitors when they try to learn Turkish and go out of the way to help with pronunciation.

4. Turkish culture is worth learning about

Because Turkish culture is so unique the only real way to learn about the country’s exciting and rich culture and history is to learn Turkish. This includes food, which is an important part of Turkish culture. What a Turk really likes is when a visitor knows enough Turkish to order Turkish coffee and the delightful Turkish cuisine in the Turkish language.

5. Enhance your career pathway and learn Turkish

Better pay is often the reward for being bilingual because the business or organization sees a bilingual employee as an asset. Turkish language skills help to build and form business relationships and showcase loyalty. Having some skills in Turkish on a CV gives it an improved appearance and a feature that may be in your favor when applying for a job.

6. Speaking Turkish makes travel in Turkey easy

When traveling in Turkey there is no better way to enjoy the experience than learning the Turkish language. You can’t always expect the locals you meet to speak good English. You will be better received by the Turkish locals, and get the best deals when involved in bargaining at the marketplace. You will be able to discover Turkey’s hidden gems when speaking Turkish. Turkish has a magnificent coastline with great beaches. It also has hot air balloons filling the sky at Cappadocia.

7. Study overseas in Turkey

Turkish cities offer a world-class education at their universities. Studying in Turkey offers great cultural insight and a global perspective.

8. Improve your brain by learning Turkish

When learning the Turkish language improves memory skills and language learning improves mental health. Speaking Turkish fluently is an achievement and will boost your overall confidence.