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All You Need to Know About Birth Certificate Translations


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All You Need to Know About Birth Certificate Translations

Last Updated On: December 6, 2021 by admin

All You Need to Know About Birth Certificate Translations
Last updated:March 2nd, 2015 by admin

Birth certificates are important documents and are required for a variety of reasons. They may be needed to establish your age, identity, and place of birth for such things as a visa application, citizenship, marriage, study, and employment. Birth certificates do vary a little from one country to another, but nearly all of them give information about the names and possibly the professions of the mother and father as well as the gender of the certificate holder, the location in which he or she was born and the date of birth. All in all, quite a lot of important information is made available on such a small scrap of paper!

Some people lose their birth certificates and only think about how important they are when they are required to produce them. Luckily, most countries have some sort of facility for producing a certified duplicate of the original birth certificate if one has been lost, stolen or destroyed at some point.

There are some people who were never issued with a birth certificate! They may have been born in a remote place in a country that does not make it compulsory for all newly born babies to be issued with a birth certificate. In some cases, a church or other religious representative or a government officer may be able to provide something that documents a birth, even if it is not really a birth certificate. A passport issued by the respective government of the person’s original country of birth may be used in lieu of a birth certificate in some cases as it is assumed that the issuing authority for that passport has already verified the person’s age and place of birth. Passports usually do have some overlap with birth certificates but do not provide exactly the same information.

The importance of a birth certificate becomes even more obvious when a translation is required. Most Professional Translation Services will provide a standard birth certificate translation service on demand. Birth certificate translations are usually mandatory for residence and employment visas in most countries as well as citizenship or naturalization applications. In some countries, access to government services and passport applications depend on producing a legible birth certificate and if the certificate was issued in another country that uses a different language, then a translation is necessary.

In Australia, translations of birth certificates must be done by a NAATI accredited translator. The translator must certify that the translation they provide is a true and accurate copy of the original. Most Translation Services in Australia will probably have a standard charge for documents like birth certificates as well as other common documents of legal importance such as marriage certificates and death certificates.