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Australians are socializing everywhere


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Australians are socializing everywhere

Last Updated On: July 10, 2017 by admin

Australians are socializing everywhere
Last updated:May 20th, 2013 by admin
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Australia has the reputation of being a sociable country, so it’s hardly suprizing that social networks have been enthusiastically adopted there. What may be surprizing is just how enthusiastically they have been adopted.

The 2013 Yellow Social Media report shows that the march of the smartphone continues in Australia. For the first year smartphones have taken over from laptops as the most popular way to access social networks. Presumably this is connected with their portability since the study also shows that Australians like to access their social networks from a wide variety of locations, including in the car (presumably not when they’re driving) and, more questionably,, from the bathroom. Interestingly men were more than twice as likely as women to check their tweets in the privacy of the toilet.

For visitors to Australia, the accessibility and ubiquity of social networks can be a huge benefit. Not only do they mean that it’s easy to keep in touch with the folks back home, but also that there is a convenient platform for hooking up with resident Australians. Online chat can be a great basis for real-word networking, but for more formal communications, it can be helpful to enlist the services of an experienced NAATI translator.



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