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Careers and Jobs For Bilingual And Multilingual Translators in Australia

Last Updated On: June 3, 2022 by The Migration Translators

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Careers and Jobs For Bilingual And Multilingual Translators in Australia
Last updated:March 23rd, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Australia is a multicultural society, speaking 300 separate languages. One in five Australians (21 per cent) speak a language other than English at home. In a globalised world, colleagues, clients, customers and stakeholders do not always speak one language. This is why there is such a great demand for bilingual and multilingual translators in Australia.

The best careers for bilinguals or multilingual in Australia

In today’s competitive job market, many employers are looking for individuals who are able to speak more than one language because with the rise in globalization that there has been an increase in demand for people who have the skills to communicate across borders.

The best careers for bilinguals are described below.

1. Translators/Interpreters

With more and more businesses expanding into the world market there is likely to be a steady demand for translators and interpreters. Also, this service is required in places like courtrooms, hospitals, and universities where there is a constant influx of people speaking a great variety of languages. The future estimate for interpreters and translators is that demand for their services is projected to rise by 17 percent over the next decade.

2. Customer Service Representatives

An important aspect of a business operating overseas and selling its products is that customers demand a backup service if they need to return a faulty product or require additional information about a product. This means multilingual customer service representatives are always in high demand.

3. Hospitality Managers

Hotels, tourist attractions, and resorts always require bilingual speakers to communicate with visitors from throughout the world. Jobs like hotel managers, desk clerks, and concierges benefit from the expertise of multilingual employees.

4. Human Resources Specialists

A bilingual human resource specialist gives companies a higher chance of securing the right employees for their job vacancies. A multilingual speaker can interview and hire candidates from other countries and cultures and not just depend on local pools of labor.

5. Flight Attendants

When working in the air transport industry having bilingual skills is beneficial to the industry, especially for flight attendants.

Four years ago before the pandemic airlines prioritized prioritizing applicants for flight attendants who are fluent in specific languages, which include Portuguese, Cantonese, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, and Mandarin.

6. Teachers

More and more countries have large pockets of migrants in their cities, most of whom send their children to local schools so teachers who are fluent in more than one language are useful in these settings. Bilingual teachers can pass on their love of languages to a new generation.

7. Writers/Journalists

A bilingual speaker who is seeking a career in media will stand out from the crowd when submitting an application as there is such a high demand for multilingual speakers in this field.

8. Healthcare Professionals

People who speak a great variety of languages attend hospitals in large numbers. It can put a great deal of stress on staff who are not multilingual, as communication is delayed until an interpreter is called in to help. So bilingual nurses, doctors, and paramedics are always high in demand as their skills can help, saves lives.

9. Social Workers

Social workers are key in today’s society and in particular those who speak 2 or more languages as they can more easily deal with people who don’t speak the country’s language well which these days can be millions of people depending on immigration intake.

10. Marketing Managers

For businesses trying to sell their products all over the world, international marketing campaigns are key, so companies need people who are fluent in the language of their target consumers to successfully convey their brands marketing messages.

11. Information Technology Consultants

Trends in IT do move quickly and people who specialize in the more niche areas of IT like cloud computing and artificial intelligence are often required to travel so that they can share ideas with other companies in other countries. Bilingual speakers are highly sought after in today’s constantly changing technology.

12. Product Localisation Managers

A localization manager who is multilingual knows how to roll out products correctly using the correct marketing language because it knows what sort of language in a particular country will attract customers.

Learning an additional language can open doors in a career and broaden employment opportunities.