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How Do Business Email Translations Improve Marketing?

Last Updated On: October 4, 2023 by The Migration Translators

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How Do Business Email Translations Improve Marketing?
Last updated:April 12th, 2022 by The Migration Translators

There is a lot of diversity available today for advertising, but emails still stand out as one of the most successful means of spreading a marketing message about a product. To further increase the value of emails more businesses are turning to email translations to improve the success of their email campaigns. For a business, it is the most powerful tool which can be used to connect brands with potential customers. Customers far prefer to view product promotion in their native language otherwise potential sales will be lost.

Benefits of Email Translation

1. Drives traffic from the translated e-mails to your website

When the customer has gained the key information about your product sent in an email and written in their own language they will be eager to access your website to finalize their interest in your product which may turn into an order for the product.

2. Creates lead generation

A well-translated email will help in generating leads as a lead comes about once a customer engages after having gained precise information about a product in their own language which helps to convince them to make a purchase.

3. Makes your business recognizable

Email translations help to make your business recognizable to thousands of potential customers.

4. Creates constant client communication

Email translations enable constant communication as it creates a 24/7 link between businesses and their customers. This improves the relationship the business has with its customers.

5. Easy to measure results

The success of emails with translations is easy to assess as the business knows exactly who the recipient of the email is and how many emails have converted into successful sales.

A study conducted by Moneate, an e-commerce software firm found that 4.24 percent of visitors from an e-mail marketing campaign in their own language make a purchase, compared to just 2.49 percent of visitors who have sought out the product through a search engine. Translated e-mail marketing is now considered to be a good sales option and is a method that can get a company much more lead generation and conversions than other forms of advertising.

6. Higher profits await you in non-English-speaking countries

Research reveals that most internet users are non-native English speakers, which means that translations of emails and other types of marketing material are most beneficial for successful marketing if translations are incorporated into the emails. This will eventually lead to an increase in profit for those businesses that use these marketing tactics.

In summary, translations of e-mail marketing information about your product give you the opportunity to approach potential international consumers in an overseas market without having to relocate your business to the area of your new market. When using multilingual e-mail marketing is a powerful tool that helps to gain access to global markets, unlike other types of digital marketing.