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Happy Earth Day From The Migration Translators!

Last Updated On: September 6, 2019 by The Migration Translators

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Happy Earth Day From The Migration Translators!
Last updated:April 18th, 2017 by The Migration Translators


Coming up soon on the 22nd April 2016 is the World’s 46th Earth Day!

The Migration Translators’ staff will be celebrating the day, both individually and together by either walking or cycling to work or using sustainable transport. They welcome you to think about the meaning of Earth Day and how you can contribute.

How can you involve yourself in Earth Day?

This may be the 1st time you have ever heard of Earth Day, but it’s never too late to be involved. Here are some things you can do on Earth Day and after the event.

  • Save trees by using unwanted paper scraps to write out lists instead of using a new sheet.
  • Stop buying lunch that contains palm oil which contributes to deforestation, especially in South East Asia. This means checking the ingredients.
  • Switch off the lights in your office when you don’t need them.
  • Use fans, not air conditioning, to keep cool.
  • Encourage your colleagues to place waste paper in the recycle bins.
  • Be careful how you use fresh water in the kitchen and bathroom.

One of the most productive ways of celebrating Earth Day is to make use of it as a chance to increase awareness of all the things we can do every day, to give a helping hand to the environment and our planet.

Protecting our environment and sorting out climate change on this year’s Earth Day is far more important than in previous years. We share this planet with 6 billion others plus a vast variety of living things. We know how our planet is now having to face the effects of climate change and growing pollution and we are keen to help keep what is remaining and ensure the planet has a future for us all.

Earth Day is a yearly event which is supported throughout the world to offer support for ways to protect the environment. The aim of Earth Day is to help to encourage people to act in a way that will be of benefit to the Earth, like recycling more, installing solar power or planting trees.

At least a billion of the world’s population is expected to openly celebrate Earth Day, including avid environmental campaigners such as Emma Watson and Leonardo di Caprio.

What happened that initiated Earth Day?

Earth Day was first initiated following an enormous oil spill 50 years ago which prompted peace activists to begin to promote environmental awareness.

The UNESCO conference that took place in 1969 in San Francisco was greeted by a proposal by John McConnell, a peace activist, who suggested that a whole day should be dedicated just to honour the environment and the Earth we live on. He said that we humans were under an obligation to protect our earth and that means not only using resources sparingly to suffice our needs but also to ensure that future generations will gain as much as we have from the resources the earth has in store to share.

There will be events happening throughout the world on Earth Day and there is bound to be one taking place near you. The Migration Translators’ team say you should get involved and not sit on the fence!