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How much do translation services cost in Australia?

Last Updated On: May 26, 2021 by The Migration Translators

Australian Translation Services Price
How much do translation services cost in Australia?
Last updated:February 25th, 2015 by The Migration Translators

This question can be uppermost in many people’s minds when it comes to seeking out appropriate professional translation services. The answer is quite complex as it depends on a number of variables. The best approach is to learn what these variables are going to be and then sit down and ask yourself exactly what you want from translation services in Australia before asking for a quotation. In that way, it is less likely that you are going to get a nasty shock!

One of the most significant aspects of Translation Services Anywhere in Australia, whether it is translation services in Melbourne or any other major city is that costing is largely done by the number of words rather than by time. There may also be a fixed rate quoted for certain standard document translations such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, and so on.

Another aspect of translation services is that if the translation is necessary for any government agency such as for a visa, then it must be done with an authorised and accredited translator. This means that the translator must be accredited with the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) and cannot be someone who is a friend or a neighbor who thinks they can do a translation for you more cheaply! This does not follow the other way around and if you need a translation done for anywhere else in the world, you may not need a NAATI translator to do it for you. Beware that this might mean a more inferior translation, though!

Other considerations which can affect the price include

  • Whether the language pair is unusual. An English / Chinese translation, for instance, is likely to be cheaper than one from Zulu or Amharic into English or vice versa, simply because there are more translators around for certain languages.
  • Technical, medical, and legal documents are generally pricier than more general documents because of the difficult language used. This may be a contradiction to what has been said about the cost per word rather than the time statement already made, but is a reflection that translation costing is not necessarily straightforward.