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Quality of a Rushed Translation Can Improve Over Time

Last Updated On: June 16, 2020 by The Migration Translators

rushed translation
Quality of a Rushed Translation Can Improve Over Time
Last updated:June 2nd, 2016 by The Migration Translators

Time constraints and rushed jobs are not normally the sorts of things that professional translation services handle well. No one who has gained the qualifications to do a NAATI translation should rush a job because quality is more important than quantity. Being put under too much pressure will not bring the most favourable results.

However, translators like in many industries do of course have to match deadlines but how do they succeed in rushing a translation job but still maintain quality?

Translators who work for translation services in Sydney tell their clients that if they are asked to do a job too quickly the results would not be good enough to circulate to others or be printed or published. They are basically the equivalent of drafts that are incomplete. All good, accurate translations go through the draft stage and before they get as far as the publication phase will have been proofread and checked several times before being released to the client.

When asked to match a deadline that would label the job as a rushed one it is necessary for the translator to be completely free of any distractions. As many translators work from home on a freelance basis complete privacy has to be assured so that the translation is completed to an acceptable standard.

Even though the job has been done in a rush the translator will need to do at least very basic proofreading so that there are no distractive spelling or grammar errors. The pattern of the translated text has to follow more or less the same pattern as the original text so that means all subheadings and bulleted points need to be checked for consistency before releasing the rushed translation back to the client.

Translators are at some time or another asked to do a rushed translation and there is no doubt that the stress levels can increase but a successful job can lead to further work especially if some extra time and effort is put into a quality outcome.

A NAATI translation is expected to be of high quality, so this puts more pressure on a translator with this qualification to prove that a rushed translation of the right quality can be performed.