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Strategies Used In Translation

Last Updated On: June 28, 2021 by The Migration Translators

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Strategies Used In Translation
Last updated:May 16th, 2017 by The Migration Translators

General translation strategy is a method used to transfer written and oral messages from one language into another.  A general translation is designed to communicate the same meaning that the speakers or writers of the source language want, using normal language but keeping the source language’s dynamics.  It is also important for the translator to produce language in the translation that is idiomatic and expresses fully what is being conveyed in the source language.  In other words, the translation of the source text should mirror precisely the text and meaning found in the source document.

The translation is fundamentally made up of 4 things which are

  • a science,
  • a skill,
  • an art,
  • a matter of taste.

As a science, a translation strategy includes the assessment and knowledge of the facts as well as the language.

  • As a skill, a translation is composed of the appropriate language.
  • As an art, a translation involves innovation, intuition, and inspiration to get it right.
  • As a matter of taste is when the translator uses language that he or she believes.

Overall, translation is the skill of knowing the parts of the source text and translating it into the targeted language. One could say that the translator is a mediator between 2 languages and their cultures who is competent to switch between the 2 languages. A translation is a decision-making process that involves seeking solutions to language problems. There are at times situations where the translator is confronted with problems that can only be solved through observing, identifying, and seeking a strategy that reaches the most appropriate solution.

What is a Translation Strategy?

A translation strategy is not a short-term solution but a long-term one with the aim of reaching a specific goal in the end. It is achieved by going through certain stages. Usually, a translator adopts a certain strategy when confronted with a hurdle that needs some thought to overcome.  A strategy is needed when a bit more than a literal translation is required to bring about the necessary meaning.