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Web Marketing Tips for a Small Translation Service

Last Updated On: January 22, 2016 by The Migration Translators

Web Marketing Tips for a Small Translation Service
Last updated:January 22nd, 2016 by The Migration Translators

There are still some businesses that only operate in specific local regions, as the type of product they sell is demanded only in that market, or that product can only be provided there. You find this mainly in service industries such as plumbing, electrical and refrigeration.

You can’t fix a consumer’s home plumbing system via teleconference because, obviously, a worker needs to be at a physical location to complete the job.

The good news is that this restriction doesn’t exist for a variety of industries, for instance a small translation business. Translators can tap into global markets by promoting their services using the most modern techniques. Then, when a project arrives in their inbox it can be completed and returned to the client in the same way as it was received.

This year there is an unprecedented opportunity for online marketing services, especially with the rise of wearable devices that keep people on the move and connected 24/7. Just a simple glance at a smartwatch on the wrist is enough to bring you as close as you could possibly get to your customers in this digital world.

Smartphones are constantly switched on and people are spending up to two hours each day browsing mobile sites. With all these electronic devices available, keeping people informed, the consumer picks out content that catches the eye and this is where the skilled marketer can get ahead of their competitors.

When an online visitor reaches your website, by clicking a link or making a search on a search engine, they expect to see something eye catching and simple to use.

A translation company could use a variety of marketing techniques to instantly communicate the value of their service, such as showing testimonials from happy clients, providing examples of successful translation projects in all the most important languages, maybe even an online chat facility where potential clients can ask questions.

Over the past decade, for all businesses, a strong online web presence has been a great marketing tool but now it’s more important than ever to have a functioning website and this key digital asset can make or break any business.

You should also think about securing promtions off your website. Ask the question, “what types of businesses are already working with my next best customer?” A translation service might partner with marketing agencies, global attorneys, or market expansion consultants to offer translation services to their customers who may soon need to localize their expertise.
Offer to write guest blog posts for your partners, potentially in multiple languages, to help your partners while at the same time securing casual introductions of your business all around the globe.

Localization is a key opportunity for a translation company to showcase its product. With all the skills and knowledge of translation there is no better time than now than to reach out to global clients wherever they are in the world.

Research has indicated that people are far more likely to buy a product if the website is in their own language. So, in result, translating your small business website into some of the key world languages will mean you will attract international clients.