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What’s Going On in July 2015 for Global Translators?

Last Updated On: December 9, 2021 by The Migration Translators

What’s Going On in July 2015 for Global Translators?
Last updated:June 19th, 2015 by The Migration Translators

The world is in constant change and the translation industry is no exception. Translators, whether they are accredited NAATI translators, or any other translators who provide essential translation services in Australia need to keep abreast of developments in the sector. Every month there is something going on somewhere in the world which provides an opportunity for translators operating in the challenging second decade of the twenty first century to learn something new or just make contact with fellow translators.

July 2015 is the month in which a key translation conference is being staged in Brazil, called IATIS 2015. The conference is open to all translators, wherever they are based in the world, who are prepared to make their way to the conference venue. The conference’s theme is “Innovation Paths in Translation and Intercultural Studies”. The conference’s theme recognises the new and evolving challenges in what is an increasingly globalised world to intercultural studies and translation.

The conference organisers recognise the fact that society world-wide seeks out new technologies so that a whole diverse set of information and meaning can be exchanged, created and spread around effectively. The conference seeks to discuss and discover the innovative insights and solutions which provide answers to the challenge of this ever present search.

The term “innovation” used in the conference theme is used in its broadest sense. It doesn’t just include all those technological developments which have affected communication so much over the last few decades, but includes cultural and social practices and interactions as well, particularly those that affect translation and intercultural discourse.

The conference will be a broad based one and will include a huge number of different topics which conference participants can choose from. Some of these are listed below, although the full list is much longer.
Conference topics for IATIS 2015, July 2015

• Interaction of translators and interpreters with and through technology
• Innovative approaches to multilingualism, translation and intercultural studies
• Innovation in approaches to the use of style in translation
• Innovation in media accessibility and audiovisual translation
• The use of IT in translation
• Recent perspectives on the relationship between translation and literature