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Why Would a Professional Translator Crave Being an Expert?


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Why Would a Professional Translator Crave Being an Expert?

Last Updated On: July 19, 2017 by admin

Professional Translator
Why Would a Professional Translator Crave Being an Expert?
Last updated:May 14th, 2015 by admin

Why does anyone want to become an expert – not just those who are professional translators?

There are 3 simple reasons for the desire to become an expert
1. To be accorded status in the eyes of colleagues;
2. To be paid the best possible rate for their expertise;
3. To gain access to and choose the best clients.

The workplace is where status is very important and any move by an employer to recognize the quality of an employee’s work is a way to enhance this status. Once ones expert knowledge has been developed to its highest possible level there is no looking back as this ownership of knowledge is yours to share with whoever you wish. Once a professional translator has been labelled an expert, professional translation services may well be prepared to offer top dollars to access the expertise.

All translation companies are after expert NAATI translators as they are not only recognized by the Australian government for offering sound and genuine translations for an array of documents that the government may require from foreign nationals wishing to come to live in Australia, do business in the country or take on a course of study at an Australian educational institution.

Translation business is set to grow globally

The professional translation services industry globally is set to expand by 2018 to $39 billion. Investors are realizing the gains that can be made from investing in such specialist translation arms as document translation and visa document translations. These areas are expanding rapidly hand in hand in the expansion of the global marketing for labour, goods and services.

There is one company called “Transfluent”, whose purpose is to connect 50,000 translators with the ever increasing demand for foreign translations such as company promotional material and emails. In fact there is no better time for an expert NAATI translator to find lucrative work with professional translation services which provide the expertise to do translation work. Moreover it is no better time than to turn from being a professional translator to an expert professional translator.

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