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Localisation Today Will Save Your Money Tomorrow!


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Localisation Today Will Save Your Money Tomorrow!

Last Updated On: January 13, 2022 by admin

Localisation Today Will Save Your Money Tomorrow!
Last updated:June 22nd, 2016 by admin

Localisation is without any doubt an investment that will make gains for your business in the future. Like all investments, payment for a localisation project that is paid in advance will reap benefits in the future. Boosting sales through localisation means that the customer base for your product will rise which will mean that the costs of any services you may offer in relation to your product will be spread across your increase in sales.

Traditionally, localisation existed to attract new customers who have little or no understanding of the language where a product originated. It was more about attracting the customer while today customers are seeking out products themselves and are far more attracted by products that have their descriptions localised. Professional translation services can do a great job localising your business so that it becomes a household name among your customers.

There are in reality very few potential customers that are likely to spend time getting product information translated using an online translator and they would much prefer that the language translation has been done for them. They might get the impression that you are offering something they really want but they don’t want to take the risk and make a purchase unless they have read the information in their own language.

Misunderstandings are only too common when potential customers attempting to read information in a language other than their own. If you have not localised your product text, the potential customer may try to use machine translation which may not represent your product in the way you want.

Localising is the best way to be sure that any information about your company, its products and services are conveying the right message in all languages you choose. Some products need to be used safely and product warnings are essential to ensure the safety of your customers. Localisation is quite simply a customer service that both helps to keep customers informed once they have purchased your products and attracts new customers. A NAATI translation is world renowned for its accuracy and can draw in potential customers faster than you could ever imagine.