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Russian Born Migrant Teacher Now Speaks With an Australian Accent


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Russian Born Migrant Teacher Now Speaks With an Australian Accent

Last Updated On: July 10, 2017 by admin

Russian Born Migrant Teacher Now Speaks With an Australian Accent
Last updated:July 17th, 2014 by admin

Australia has a strong export education sector that sees tens of thousands of students from many other countries come to Australian schools, colleges and universities in search of an education. Quite a number of these students decide that life is better in Australia after graduating and apply for jobs here or permanent residence. By the time their residence visas are granted they will have become experts in navigating their way through the Australian migration system, not least of which is the requirement to furnish accurate translations of all their important documentation in English.

One young man who would have had a lot to do with NAATI accredited translators is Moscow born Artim Gregorov. His parents chose Australia as the place they would send their son to complete a linguistics degree, partly because of Australia’s reputation for quality education and also because his sister was already living here.
Artem got off to an interesting start when he arrived in 2000 – right in the middle of the Sydney Olympics. He says that he actually fell asleep when he was waiting for a flight connection, which was a good introduction to the ‘laid back’ lifestyle which was a reason for him choosing to migrate to Australia later on.

Artem is now 30 years old and teaches English to migrants and loves his job. It took him quite  long time and a good deal of persuasion getting a few hours teaching in the first place but says that his experience as a foreign student allows him a better understanding of what his own students are going through and he feels that he is able to communicate with them better.

Artem has had a lot of success in learning English – he speaks English with a noticeable Aussie accent. He says he can also pretend to speak with a Russian accent for a laugh if he needs to liven up one of his classes. He would still have had to get all his important documents translated by a visa documents translation service when he applied for his student visa and his permanent residence visa. He wouldn’t have been allowed just to translate them himself, whatever his familiarity with English. All translations for migration into Australia need to use a NAATI translation service to be accepted.


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