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Value Added Translation for Marketers

Last Updated On: April 29, 2020 by The Migration Translators

Translation for Marketers
Value Added Translation for Marketers
Last updated:February 16th, 2015 by The Migration Translators

Marketing your product has become far more complex than it might have been when a business first started up. Many businesses these days are looking to expand their sales base into new markets. It is not business sense to restrict a marketing campaign to those parts of the world where English alone is spoken or is the main language. That might just work if it was an Australian cricket ball manufacturer pitching their sales overseas, simply because all cricket nations are unified in their acceptance of English as either a first or second language. But even selling cricket paraphernalia to cricket mad India would probably be hugely more successful if the advertising material and marketing campaign was translated into India’s key languages like Hindu, Gujarati, Urdu, Bengali and Malayalam.

Translation services in Australia do play an important trade in translating marketing material for Australian companies that wish to target an emerging market where English is not the first language.” There are several reasons why translation is a vital aspect of marketing in the twentieth first century and how it can add value to a business.

Translation is vital to get a brand recognized where the product is being marketed. However, translation is only part of a process which involves a message getting across to as many potential new customers as possible. Marketing not only has to be translated into another language, but it must be culturally appropriate as well as recognize the specific local peculiarities of where the market is located. This is something that can happen even if a company is marketing a product in a part of the world where English is spoken but not necessarily using the same idiomatic usage. Australian companies that market a product in the United States, for instance have to modify their language so that it will be understood and appreciated by the multiple communities in that large and diverse country.

If the potential for misunderstanding is real enough between Australia and the United States it is much more of a reality when the target marker is Indonesia, China or Thailand, just to mention three Asian countries at random.

Professional translation services Use Translators Who Should Know The Language(s) they translate inside out and the culture of the population that the marketing is hoped to reach as well so that cultural misunderstanding, embarrassment and lack of market acceptance do not happen. Many large and well known companies have made simple marketing mistakes because of a translation error which did not take into account localized sensibilities or cultural use of terms or phrases. Some of these are funny when they are related, but may not have been funny for the company making the mistake and allow competitors to take advantage of confusion.