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What Translation Services Should a Global Marketer Look for?

Last Updated On: November 11, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Global Marketer
What Translation Services Should a Global Marketer Look for?
Last updated:June 23rd, 2015 by The Migration Translators

Business is getting ever more global, or at least the prospect of increasing a business’s potential market is tempting more and more businesses outside of their usual marketplace. This is fine when the new market understands the language used by that business, but usually, this is not the case and expansion involves translating all marketing material into both the language of the potential new customers as well as take into cultural differences, too.

This can be a challenge as most businesses are not well equipped to cope with translations, let alone adapt those translations to a specific, new cultural market. Most businesses that intend to expand overseas will use an experienced translation services provider to take on the task of translating their requirements. The question then for global marketers is what translation services they should be looking for.

Businesses in Australia should first make sure they use the services of   NAATI translator as they will provide a quality translation service. Your chosen NAATI translators may be able to help you create a global brand strategy. This should include your logo, fonts, tagline, etc, and ensure that they are consistent throughout your anticipated market region. Basically, you want to ensure that your business is recognized throughout the intended market. Not all translation services are set up to provide this sort of service and you will need to work with them to make sure you get the sort of brand uniformity you want. Your translation service provider in Australia should be able to help develop a style guide that serves as a reference point for all your international offices.

A good global translation service provider should be aware of the pitfalls of straight translations. When it comes to marketing, this often just doesn’t work. What is called transcreation is a creative adaptation of translation which takes into account cultural differences as well as local dialect and other nuances which a straight translation just doesn’t easily mesh with. The whole aim of your expansion drive is to be able to reach as many new potential customers as possible, but they have to know what you are trying to sell them as well as feel interested in your product, whatever it is.  A good NAATI translator immersed in the target culture you wish to sell to is a fundamental requirement for the budding global marketer.

Video marketing is very popular and can be very effective. If this is something that you have used with your original market and wish to use in your new international market of course it will have to be adapted to that market, which means that the translation service provider must be capable of providing a culturally and linguistically appropriate video which gets across the message you want to make.