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Nigerian Born Doctor who Learned how to like Kids


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Nigerian Born Doctor who Learned how to like Kids

Last Updated On: July 10, 2017 by admin

Nigerian Born Doctor who Learned how to like Kids
Last updated:August 30th, 2014 by admin

The Nigerian born and educated paediatric registrar at Canberra Hospital, Ololade Fasugba, reminisces how at one time he was so scared of kids that he was afraid that he might drop them as his hands trembled so much. He now has two young sons of his own and has long adjusted to working with children.

He and his wife were both educated at Nigerian universities and had considered imigrating to another country for different reasons. Despite disagreeing about where they wanted to move to, they eventually decided on Australia and applied through the Australian Government’s SkillSelect system, which sponsors migrants with particularly desirable qualities. Ollie, as Ololade prefers to call himself, is a Yoruba speaker, but also speaks good English as do many of his educated countrymen. To immigrate into Australia it is a requirement, of course, that an approved visa documents translation service is used and that means a NAATI translator if any documents are printed in any other language other than English.

Fortunately, for Nigerian would-be migrants, many of their qualifications and other supporting evidence needed for visa applications are already in English, but there are good Yoruba and Ibo NAATI translation services here in Australia as well, if needed.

Ollie and his wife, who works as a research assistant at the Catholic University, think that their move was well chosen and are looking forward to apply for Australian citizenship soon.

The two migrants think that the best things about living and working in Canberra are the family friendly, safe environment and, for Ollie, it is the fact that he feels valued by the people at the hospital. He says that he gets a lot of job satisfaction working there which has made him particularly comfortable with the move away from far away Ogun State in Nigeria.

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