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Global Businesses Benefit from Voice-Over Translations

Last Updated On: October 26, 2023 by The Migration Translators

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Global Businesses Benefit from Voice-Over Translations
Last updated:November 18th, 2020 by The Migration Translators

The translation is not just about translating text, but it is also about localizing video and audio recordings. Today, technology has provided people with instant access to live video online, so these can be used as a marketing technique for a business too.

When it comes to using videos or audio recordings online, it is important to get the voice just right. The aim is to get the viewer or listener to stay online and buy the product being marketed. For a business intending on trying to access markets around the world the voice in the video or audio will need to be translated and a voice overused to replace the original speaker. If this sort of marketing has been effective at home, then with the right translator a voice-over should have the same effect. You cannot expect to depend on English as your only marketing language as not everyone in the world speaks it well enough to interpret videos and audio recordings marketing a product. Rarely do potential customers buy a product online if they are unable to understand a video or description of a product unless it is in their own language.

A voice-over translation that is done by a competent translator makes it understood both linguistically and culturally. Voice-over translators are trained to make corporate marketing materials come alive and elevate a business’s position, so it competes well with any competitors.

When you make a telephone call yourself, whether it is to another business or a friend, the automated voice on the other end of the phone that tells you to wait your turn may also be telling you about the product you have rung about. Depending on the tone and persuasiveness of the voice you may be convinced to research a bit more about the product once the call has come to an end. Just the right voice may inspire you to drop the phone and go out and buy the product. You have to try and do this with your audio and video presentations on your website.

Helping employees and customers understand

International video and audio translations may also help when hiring staff in different parts of the world. When the training materials for your business are well translated, you offer the chance for your business’s employees living in a faraway country to get a clearer understanding of the aims of your business. When hiring workers in other countries to help with your marketing you may have selected some who can grasp a bit of the English language but if training videos and eLearning apps are translated well into their own language then the learning will finish far sooner.

Your chosen voice-over translators covering the languages of the customers you hope to attract may be able to customize the videos so both in language and cultural appropriateness they fit the targeted customer.

Some company owners may think they can get anyone to do a voice-over and its translations but this would not be as effective as getting a professional voice-over actor who has many years of experience and knows how to translate into their native language so that customers will buy your product.