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Migration Partnerships


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Partnership Options for RMAs and Solicitors

We have been supplying Registered Migration Agents and solicitors with certified translations (by NAATI translators) since 2008. Why do so many
professionals like you trust us? Here are a few reasons:

  • Top-quality translations in over 200 languages, certified to ISO 17100
  • Translation partner of the Department of Home Affairs
  • 800+ NAATI-certified translators
  • Rapid 24/7 communication with our project managers
  • Best-price guarantee
  • Ultra-fast turnarounds
  • 13 years’ experience
  • Attractive commission options.

We offer various partnership options to suit your workflow and preferences. You can earn as much as a 20% commission on all your translation orders; or if you’re not that keen on a commission but just want to use our 5-star service, we can also quote you our discounted RMA rates to pass on to your client – you choose!

Earn up to 20% commission with ease.

You have two options that you can use simultaneously with different clients:

  • 20% Commission Maximiser: You contact us directly. In this workflow, we communicate only with you, not your clients. It’s perfect if you usually organise translations on behalf of your clients anyway.
  • 10% Affiliate: You send your clients to us. They just need to mention your name, and you receive a 10% commission – and your clients get a 10% discount as well! A real win-win-win situation! Many agents already have a link to our Affiliate Page on their website, directing any visitors with translation needs to us and generating ongoing passive income.

You can use both options in parallel with different clients: For some clients, you may want to deal with us directly, while for others, it might be more convenient to just send them to us.

Signing up is easy

All you need to do to is complete the form on this website. We’ll send you a simple one-page agreement to review and sign electronically. That’s it! All accrued commission will then be paid into your account at the end of each quarter. Here's what our clients think about us:

We are committed to providing solutions.

At the heart of our service is a desire to help make your work easier by streamlining your translation workflow. In addition, we add something that cannot be bought or measured – our sincerity and integrity. We are committed to not giving up when things get sticky. Sometimes, issues come up, often related to the spelling of names and places, date conversions, job titles, or education levels. Ambiguities caused by faded or handwritten documents are also a reality. We go to great lengths to fulfil all client requirements while complying with the AUSIT Code of Ethics and the rules of the Department of Home Affairs. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to help you and your clients.

Grow your migration business.

  • The success of any migration business depends a lot on its partnerships, strategic alliances, and suppliers.
  • With us, you will spend less time coordinating translations, and in the end will be able to lodge your applications sooner.
  • You will get more clients by generating positive word of mouth.
  • Your clients’ satisfaction will reflect positively on your business.

We invite you to make the move that many successful migration businesses have done already: Outsource your translation work to The Migration Translators and save yourself time, money, and administration costs.