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A NAATI translation expert can teach us why language study is so important


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A NAATI translation expert can teach us why language study is so important

Last Updated On: July 10, 2017 by admin

why language study is so important
A NAATI translation expert can teach us why language study is so important
Last updated:October 30th, 2014 by admin

Learning another language can be tough, so why do it in the first place? After all, isn’t the language you were born with good enough to get us through life?  Unfortunately, the answer is no – at least not in the era we are in today. Here’s why.

  • Language is about communication and in the modern world we haven’t quite fixed the problem of how we communicate with another person in another country who does not speak our language. We often need to do this as so much trade to and from Australia is with countries who do not speak English. As traders we always want to get the best deal when importing a product for mass distribution.


  • So often, we get tripped up because we don’t understand the email with a quotation or we fail to understand the small print in a warranty document. These sorts of small misunderstandings can send us scrambling to find a way of learning the language of the country we do most of our trade with. We say to ourselves that once we are sufficiently fluent in the language of choice then the best deals and our bartering power will be greatly enhanced.


  • In the meantime while we are learning this language, which even to get moderately fluent can take up to two years, we can ensure that all the documentation we receive regarding our imports or trading relations is appropriately translated by a NAATI accredited translator. There is no chance then of misunderstanding the oh-so-important small print. You can even ask a certified translation service to pay special attention to this area on a document particularly if you think that you have been mislead in the past by failing to read this important but almost hidden part of a document.


  • You can’t fault a NAATI translation as the translators really bury themselves in the words and ensure that the client is supplied with the best meaning possible. By using this service just think how many dollars you can make from ensuring you opt for the best deals on offer by the company you do most of your trade with. And not forgetting the language learning as once you are almost fluent you can become your personal translation service so that you can take responsibility if you make any errors.
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