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Translation of a marriage certificate for Lucas and Louane in ….


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Translation of a marriage certificate for Lucas and Louane in ….

Last Updated On: June 13, 2019 by admin

Translation of a marriage certificate for Lucas and Louane in ….
Last updated:July 4th, 2017 by admin

Client: Lucas and Louane from France
Key requirement: Translation services in Adelaide
Situation: Adelaide is the smallest of the five large cities in Australia, and in certain ways the most peaceful and quiet. It is known for its premier wineries, the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the wildlife parks, and the beaches. A well-known day trip from Adelaide is a river cruise on Murray River, with its spectacular rock formations and the abundant wildlife to observe.

Luca and Louane are both from Paris, the capital of France. They both started their adventure in Australia on a working holiday visa. At that time, they were already married. Being a backpacker can be a tough but very rewarding experience, and we have a lot of respect for all these young people trying to discover Australia while living out of their backpack and working hard at the same time.

Problem: After they completed their year as backpackers, Luca successfully applied for a job in Adelaide and found a sponsor. Louane applied for a partner visa, and for this purpose required the translation of several documents, including her marriage certificate. The marriage certificate was unfortunately hard to read, as it had been subject to a water spill.

Outcome: Our French translator was able to read all the contents of the marriage document. We provided translation services in Adelaide with a quick turnaround, and Louane could proceed with her application. We wish both a very successful immigration to Australia, and hope that Lucas’ job and Louane’s partner visa will work out well.


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