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Translation of university documents for Shabaz in Brisbane


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Translation of university documents for Shabaz in Brisbane

Last Updated On: June 13, 2019 by admin

Translation of university documents for Shabaz in Brisbane
Last updated:July 4th, 2017 by admin

Client: Shabaz from Pakistan
Key requirement: Translation services in Brisbane
Situation: There is something special about Brisbane that only those who have been there can appreciate. The winding river with all it boats and ferries, the well-maintained parks and green spaces, and the countless perfectly designed cafes make it a very relaxed place. Brisbane is known for its own humour and lifestyle, its secret places and its green suburbs.

Brisbane also has several universities within the city and close by. Shabaz wanted to start his career in Brisbane, and intended to study Information Technology. He already knew a few students at the campus who showed him around.

Problem: Shabaz required his previous education certificates translated into English. Since he had to carefully plan around his budget, he contacted us after a friend recommended our services. He selected our 3-day turnaround service for our translation services in Brisbane.

Outcome: TMT delivered the translation on time. We also offered him an extract translation of a larger document where he required only a few numbers to be translated. This saved him money, and he was very happy with that. We wish Shabaz all the best for his studies, and hope he enjoys the beautiful city of Brisbane!


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