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Do You Need a Journeyman License and Certification?

Last Updated On: June 6, 2022 by The Migration Translators

Journeyman license and certification
Do You Need a Journeyman License and Certification?
Last updated:January 11th, 2022 by The Migration Translators

What is a Journeyman?

A Journeyman is a skilled tradesperson who is able to work in many different environments. A journeyman has extensive experience in a trade which helps him or her to gain career advancement and grow transferrable skills. Examples of a journeyman are electricians, pipefitters, welders, painters, and roofers. They complete an apprenticeship in a trade, get a certification and license, and can perform work independently on a job site. Licensed journeymen, sit an exam which is based on knowledge about their trade.

Types of journeymen

An electrician journeyman

Journeymen electricians are tradespeople who have completed an internship and are now certified, electricians. They normally report to a master who’s in their trade. They are permitted to work independently when at a job site and they are qualified to work in commercial, residential, and government facilities. Their duties can include working collaboratively with any other journeymen so that projects can be completed. This includes inspecting and installing electrical wiring and fixing electrical system problems.

A plumber journeyman

This is a professional plumber who has finished an apprenticeship in the plumbing trade. He or she may work independently or as a team member with a team of other plumber journeymen when completing plumbing projects. They are professionals who have earned licenses and certifications while taking part in an apprenticeship program. They can train apprentices who wish to learn plumbing skills and techniques. A journeyman plumber is permitted to work in both commercial and residential facilities. They unclog drains, replace pipes and install plumbing equipment while also mending broken pipes.

A pipefitter journeyman

This is a tradesperson who is able to build and repair piping that contains high-pressure components. The duties normally include installing pipes, maintaining pipes, handling pipe systems, and assembling complicated piping materials. A pipefitter journeyman can be employed by a pipefitting company, or they could work for a large company that employs several types of trades, such as construction companies and utility companies.

A welder journeyman

A welder journeyman uses equipment that is specialized to fuse metals by use of extreme heat. They operate welding equipment, follow safety regulations, and read blueprints. A welder journeyman will have finished a welding apprenticeship so will have the licensing required to undertake a job in a welding workshop or weld on a worksite.

A roofer journeyman

These are specialized tradespeople who build and repair the roofs of buildings and other structures. They inspect roofs to determine what sort of repairs are required, work with blueprints and roof sketches, provide customers with cost estimates and gather the materials required for repairing and building.

A painter journeyman

A painter journeyman’s job is to prepare and paint both interior and exterior surfaces. They can work in both commercial and residential settings. The duties may include covering surfaces nearby so as to protect any damage that could be caused by paint such as when mixing paint. They apply primer to a surface to get it ready to paint, consult with clients to determine how the surfaces are to be painted, and collaborate with other journeymen painters for the bigger jobs.

An HVAC journeyman

This is a journeyman who works as a tradesperson who maintains and installs ventilation systems, heating units, and air conditioning. An HVAC journeyman typically consults with the customer to offer a heating and cooling option. They identify issues in an HVAC system and perform any necessary repairs. They also clean cooling and heating units, diagnose any risks linked to HVAC systems and use specialized HVAC equipment and tools.

Journeyman skills

Journeyman skills usually employers rank journeymen as experts in their trade. They possess more skills and use certain techniques and equipment in their trade. When working with clients they use strong soft skills. For example, a journeyman may have better communication skills because they have a lot of experience working in a team to complete projects. Technical skills are required so that journeymen know how to handle equipment effectively and safely.