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Why Use a Professional Translation Service for Documents?

Last Updated On: July 29, 2020 by The Migration Translators

Why Use a Professional Translation Service for Documents?
Last updated:February 26th, 2015 by The Migration Translators

Legal documents come in all shapes and sizes but generally they relate to the law of the land. There is no alternative to making sure that a translation of a legal document is the correct one. The consequences of an unprofessional translation of a legal document are potentially serious. Whether the document is a contract, a lease, a confidentiality agreement, patent, statute or witness statement – it must be translated accurately.

NAATI translators for legal documents

Common legal documents that Need Accurate Translations in Australia are such things as birth, death and marriage certificates, employment contracts, deeds and leases and statutory declarations. In most cases, these documents must be translated by an authorised and accredited translation service in Australia. Any NAATI translation service in Melbourne or other city will ensure that the translation service is professionally recognised and accredited which brings some piece of mind to the customer seeking to translate an important document or documents.

Medical document translation

To be honest, legal documents are not the only documents that demand professional translation services. Other types of documents that may be almost as equally important are medical documents and technical documents. Imagine, for instance, that a new drug has been developed in country X. The drug has been tried and tested and is being now made available commercially all over the world. That means that it will become available to doctor and medical services where the language of country X is not the main language. Instructions for the use of the drug must be translated accurately, including any possible side effects, the medical conditions for which the drug is to be used and the recommended dosages for different classes of people. Any inaccurate translation could be devastating in its consequences.

Technical document translation

Similarly, technical manuals and instruction information must be professionally translated if serious consequences are to be avoided. Anyone who has bought a cheap power tool or an electrical appliance or toy may be used to trying to read the instructions and being unable to make head or tail of them. Technical documents for anything which is potentially dangerous if improperly used must be translated professionally to avoid injury and a potential fatality, let alone ensure that an item is maintained and serviced properly.