Business Language and How English is Used in Business Communication Today

What is business language?

Business language is the language used in business such as in commerce, international trade, insurance, and banking. It entails using specific vocabulary and grammatical structures and clearly communicating clearly and concisely is vital in business communication.

The clarity in business writing

When using a language in a business context, it is vital to be clear so that nothing is left to interpretation. If business writing lacks clarity time is wasted and money can be lost. 

Importance of English in business communication

Today despite the growth of other languages in global business communication English is still the most widespread language used for communication in almost all contexts. This all originates from early colonization when English was introduced to many continents and countries around the world in a comparatively short time frame. People in many countries are also eager to learn English as it gives them a window into the world. Being fluent in English helps a business executive based in France to initiate a business deal with a company in Australia as they can come together communicating in a global language. 

English is the official language for at least 70 countries.

Because English is so widely spoken estimates are that by 2022 at least 2 billion people are expected to speak English fluently. This basically means that about 25 percent of the world’s population will have the ability to freely communicate using a language that isn’t necessarily their native language. This allows a business that is based in an English-speaking country to quickly access markets in so many countries around the world because of the widespread fluency in the English language.

English has now become a global language for business all over the world

Because there are many people who can speak English fluently it allows for better communication between those who live in different countries. This supports great opportunities for negotiating and discussing the main features necessary for the success of the business relationship. Many international businesses have taken on English as the key language for working with, even when the origin of the business isn’t from a country whose main language is English. Some important examples of companies are Nokia which is Finnish and Airbus which is French. 

Because English is now the most common language used globally, this makes it automatically the most dominant language used by businesses throughout the world because it allows a company to attract the greatest number of possible customers. Also, being a fluent English speaker helps in negotiations with possible business partners, which is a great way to boost a business with English as the business language.

Top industries rely on English

Because so many industries produce products in countries that don’t necessarily have English as a national language there is a need for English translators to translate product information for the English-speaking market. This includes the following industries: 

  • training,
  • retail, 
  • PR,
  • pharmaceuticals, 
  • medical, 
  • marketing, 
  • advertising,
  • consumer, 
  • E-commerce,
  • education,
  • healthcare.

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