Can I bring the document to your office?

No. It is unfortunately not possible to drop off or pick up your document in person, as we do not have walk-in offices. You can rest assured, though, that we are bound to strict confidentiality, as per the AUSIT Code of Ethics. In addition, we can sign a confidentiality agreement (which you would need to provide).

Do you have a walk-in office?

No, our service is Web- and email-based, which is much more convenient and allows us to provide services much more quickly.

Where are you located?

Our registered office is at 377 Kent Street in Sydney. However, please be advised that this is not a walk-in office. We are a Web-based business, and our service is email-centred.

How can I contact you?

You can give us a call at 1800 900 063, or send us an email at The easiest and fastest way of communication is by email. However, we will of course also be very happy to assist you over the phone if that is more convenient for you.