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The Importance of a Transcription Service to Enable Multilingual Communication

Last Updated On: December 30, 2021 by The Migration Translators

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The Importance of a Transcription Service to Enable Multilingual Communication
Last updated:October 19th, 2020 by The Migration Translators

A general definition of transcription is a written text created directly from an audio recording. It is created by a transcriber who listens either to a speaker giving a live speech or from a recorded audio file. Transcription has proved to be valuable because it provides the text of recordings that can be kept safe for later use.

Transcription and translation

Transcription is not a translation, but when a video or audio recording needs to bein a multilingual form then a translation of transcription can take place. The translator will listen to the audio file write it in text form, review it for accuracy, and then translate it. The audio content is now accessible to those who prefer to read the content but not listen to it in their own language. There are transcription services available that specialize in translating of video and audio files. A multilingual transcription service is often required in many situations throughout the business world.

A legal transcription service

Often an audio transcription service is used for a legal case that needs to be multilingual. These sorts of translations need to be done quickly so they can be viewed in court in the many languages that might be spoken by lawyers, plaintiffs, and defendants in a case. An audio transcription translation service may be used in the following situations:

  • audio evidence;
  • conversations at depositions;
  • hearings recorded in other languages;
  • law enforcers’ interviews;
  • meeting minutes; and
  • phone conversation recordings.

A medical transcription service

It is important that patients whatever the language they speak receive the best of care. There are two ways communication can take place if a common language does not exist between the patient and the physician. One is recording the patient’s conversation, then transcribing it and translating it. The second is accessing an interpreter. There is nothing worse than a patient misunderstanding a medicine dosage or a doctor misunderstanding a patient’s symptoms.

There are several situations when medical transcription translation services may be used:

  • instructions are given by medical practitioners for operations and medications;
  • audio recordings of a patient’s condition and treatment administered;
  • recorded patient statements;
  • interviews between medical practitioners and patients.

A business and marketing transcription service

Transcriptions of both video and audio files are a requirement for any business which wants to operate at home and abroad. For any business which serves multilingual clients, a transcription service for translation helps to improve record-keeping and makes information easier to understand.

The sorts of transcriptions and translations for businesses which take place include:

  • recorded telephone calls;
  • conferences, workshops, and seminars;
  • interviews;
  • AGM recordings.

An academic transcription service

Education is an international resource and findings from research or lectures given at universities on key topics should be transcribed and translated into the languages of those who wish to access the information.

Most transcription translation services provide multilingual communication for the following recordings:

  • Interviews;
  • workshops;
  • e-learning courses;
  • voice-recorded notes of research taken out in the field;
  • lectures & seminars;
  • focus groups.

Overall, transcription translation services provide experienced transcribers and translators to provide services to many different industries so that multilingual communication is made easier.