I also need to have documents validated as true copies. Do you do this as well?

No. If the authority you are dealing with also wants a certified copy of your original document, then you will need to get this done by a Justice of the Peace (JP). We suggest you Google for JPs in your area – typically you need to bring them your original and a copy, and they will then certify the copy. There are community JPs in many shopping centres around Australia.

Will I see the translation before you post it?

Yes, we will send you an electronic version (PDF copy) by email first. You can check the translation to ensure that everything is correct. Reasonable requested changes are free of charge. We will not post the originals until we confirm your approval of the translation.

Why should I get an original? Can’t I just print out my electronic copy?

You will need to check with the authority you are submitting your documents to for the specific requirements. Some only need an electronic copy, while some will require an original or a paper copy. The electronic copy is valid and certified and will have a signed stamp, but the original will have a fresh stamp and signature.

Will I be able to receive the valid documents by email?

Yes, we first provide the certified translation by email (PDF copy). You can check the translation to ensure that everything is correct. Reasonable changes requested are free of charge. For certain purposes, you will need paper originals, which we can post to you.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay online with a Master or Visa card (secure payment via Westpac-PayWay), make a bank transfer, or send us a PayPal payment.

Are you human?

Yes. And occasionally, we are dancers as well. All kidding aside, we provide a very personalised service, and it is our goal to ensure that clients are 100% happy with it. All our translators are experienced, professionals and native speakers. Moreover, they are NAATI-certified, which means you are sure to receive a high-quality translation that will be accepted by almost all authorities in Australia.