Do I need a local translator?

That will depend on your documents; although, in practice, most probably not. Our translators are not only NAATI-accredited, but they are also experienced professionals and native speakers with a lot of experience in their individual fields. You can expect to receive a high-end translation that will be appreciated by even the fussiest of readers.

What is the difference between a NAATI translation and a professional translation?

A NAATI translation is created by a translator with NAATI translator accreditation. However, this accreditation is not available for all languages, so sometimes a translation sealed with our stamp has to be used instead of a NAATI translation. The quality of the translation will be the same, and it can still be used for many official purposes in such cases.

Is your translation NAATI-certified?

Our translations are created by NAATI-credentialled translators whenever applicable and are thus “NAATI-certified” (although it is technically not the translation but the translator who is certified).