Getting Re-married Overseas? Have You Got an Officially Translated Divorce Certificate?

Australians love to travel and sometimes travel turns to love. If you meet someone overseas whether it is through initial contact here in Australia or on a holiday or while you were working and you plan to marry, you will probably be asked to show that you are free to marry. It may be that all you have to say is that you are single and not married, but if you have been married before and are now divorced you may have to show that you are legitimately divorced before you can get married. The difference between being married and not married can make all the difference in some countries and you may not be allowed to stay in that country unless you are officially married. If your partner to be is a citizen of a country where the language is not English, you will probably have to get your divorce certificate, presuming you have one issued to you here in Australia translated into your new partner’s native language.

This is where a NAATI accredited translator comes in useful. Using an accredited document language translation service means that you can get your Getting Re-married Overseas? Have You Got an Officially Translated Divorce Certificate? and any other documents that may be useful to you in your adopted country translated correctly. You should also get the translator to make sure that he or she certifies your translation in the language required to show to any officialdom that it is a true and correct translation from the original English version. This may not be necessary of course, but you won’t want to hold up a wedding at the last minute just because you don’t have an acceptable piece of paper, would you?

Getting Re-married Overseas
The reverse situation is also just as important. If you meet a person overseas and intend marrying here in Australia, and that person is or was divorced, do make sure that they bring their divorce certificate with them. It is better in this case to get the certificate translated by a NAATI accredited translator here in Australia as the translation will be more readily accepted. Of course, this can usually be done online from overseas, but find out first if the original has to be sighted by the translator.