Chinese Business Visa Applicants to Australia will Need a Certified Translation Service

Recently, Scott Morrison, the Australian immigration minister, and Andrew Robb, the trade minister, have announced that business visas for Chinese citizens will now last for a three year period and will have multiple entry status so that the businessmen may enter freely as many times as they wish in the three year time span.

The idea behind the change is to increase trade between Australia and China. Up to now, business visas have been issued for only 12 months. Australia has also increased the number of flights between Australia and China in an attempt to boost trade. In order for a Chinese person to successfully fill in a visa application he or she will need to find a certified translation service with the ability to effectively translate documents from Chinese to English and vice versa.

In January of this year 80,000 visas were issued to Chinese business travellers.

Chinese business travellers are pleased to see these positive changes and all they need to do is ensure all their supporting documentation is translated correctly through a reputable visa documents translation service. Once this has been done and the visa approved business will become much easier.

Australia is lucky to be in the same time zone as China which is great for business and if a Chinese businessman is visiting Melbourne he or she can get important business documents translated with no time wasted and pick them up from the translator Melbourne on arrival at the airport.

The government is not just considering China in its list of countries for business visas but is soon to extend the privilege to other countries. Australia is keen to develop trade overseas as fast as possible to give a boost to the economy.