Going Overseas? Get your Vaccination Certificates up to Date

If you and your family are moving overseas or are going to spend a considerable amount of time overseas, one of the things you are likely to do is to think of getting vaccinations up to date before you leave. There are many parts of the world where vaccinations are more important than others. It’s only common sense to visit your doctor well before you travel to find out if you need any vaccinations for the place you intend visiting.

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Coming from China? Do you need a Chinese NAATI Translator?

If you are coming to live in Australia or spend a lot of time here on business you may already have thought of everything. You probably realise that you are coming to a country that has a very good health record and appreciate being able to use the modern health services here. Of course, you will have had several experiences in China with your own heath system and it may be important to bring with you documents of one type or another relating to your health. These may not be needed for immigration as you will almost certainly be independently examined by a doctor in Australia to have your health status approved. However, any documents you have may still be usefully translated into English by an immigration translator Sydney if you intend going to Sydney to live or you can use a Chinese NAATI translator to do the translations for you.

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