Visa Documents Translations – What You Need To Know

Working with a NAATI accredited translator can help to make the visa application process run much more smoothly.  Unless you have a strong reason for preferring a translator from one part of the country, for example a translator in Melbourne if you need local knowledge of that area, then NAATI accreditation is the key point to look for.

Rubber stamp - Visa

Translations and online applications

It is still possible to use a translator if you plan to make an online application.  You will simply have to copy and paste the translated document into the relevant parts of the application form.  At current time there are only some visas for which online application is possible although it is reasonable to assume that this will change in the future.  It’s worth noting that even online applications often need supporting documentation sent by snail mail.

Choosing a good translator

In translation terms a good translator is one who will convey your message clearly and accurately and who will make sure that they understand not only your words but also your intention before they convert them into English.  NAATI accreditation is a seal of approval for technical efficiency, the issue then becomes one of professionalism and reliability.  Unless there is a strong reason for preferring a translator from a particular geographical area, for example a translator in Melbourne if you intend to visit that area and may wish to use their services for other purposes, then you are free to check online for candidates and agencies who meet your requirements.  Word-of-mouth recommendations and client testimonials are much more valuable than rock-bottom prices.

Be ready to answer questions

A professional translator will want to create the best translation possible and will consider it vital that they completely understand your source text.  If they don’t they will want you to clarify it before they start to translate.  The more promptly you respond, the quicker and more accurately they will be able to translate your document.