A Certified Document Translation is Always Required for Documents

It doesn’t take much to realize that any official documents which need translating from one language to another need to be done by professional translation services. Official documents need the knowledge of a reputable certified document translation service. It is vital that any legal documents are translated precisely between the two languages, as any misunderstanding could spell disaster for the person who requires the documents to be translated.

A certified document translation of any documents which are official involves the use of language and terms that are bound to differ from country to country. This means the translator needs to do more than translate directly word for word between the two languages. He or she has to be familiar with the different terms used by the two countries using professional translation services.  The more idiomatic the language used, the more proficient the translator has to be.

The terms used and the way different legal systems work requires exceptional expertise when a NAATI translator is used. When translating documents it’s not just legal documents that are important but specialized translators are required in industries especially when it comes to product marketing materials it is important that translators experienced in providing document translation services also understand a business’s specific jargon so it can be incorporated more effectively into the translation.

Professional translation services are researchers as well as translators as they need to know how the language is used in a variety of different contexts so this means studying the language in its context so that the best translation is provided as the end product. A translation has an audience and a purpose so the language translation has to reflect this in terms of register or tone, phraseology, syntax, and terminology. The translator used by any professional translation service needs to have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the pair languages to be able to perform a good document translation that meets the same requirements as translations done by a NAATI translator. It is important to set a standard or any sort of translation so that all documents translated between the two languages are perfect and fit the requirements for official translation.

How to pick up a new language quickly

Skills and Diversity of NAATI Translators

The average NAATI translator is at least bilingual and may very well be trilingual or be able to speak and translate several different languages other than their own native tongue. For the person who has to resort to a translation service for their document translation and yet is interested in learning another language quickly for one reason or another, there are a few tips that can be used to help them.

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How to Select the Right Translation Service

Finding a suitable translation service to translate your correspondence or documents can be a confusing process. In theory, every translation service should be able to provide a similar level of expertise, but in practice this is rarely the case, and it pays to do some research before you finally commit your documents to a particular service provider. The following are some tips to help you make that all important decision.

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Singaporean recently took citizenship pledge

Just recently, Singaporean born Rachel Low turned 60 and she celebrated this milestone by taking out Australian citizenship. She said that she had spent a long time in Australia and her children were born in the country and it was time to tie the notch.

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5 Tips for Effective Language Translation

Effective language translation needs to be a lot more than just translating a body of text word for word. The translator needs to understand the culture of the two languages and its nuances as well as straightforward conversion of vocabulary. Here are 5 tips which are part of any good translation service.

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NAATI Translation Helps the CSIRO’s Research Efforts

Australia changed the way it managed skilled migration a few years ago, making it easier in some ways to attract skilled workers in a number of occupations where there was an existing skill shortage. Some of the overseas migrants come for a year or two then return to their own countries, others love the life here and go on to apply for permanent residence.

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Use a NAATI Accredited Translator for Dealings with the ATO

If you have come to live in Australia from overseas, you will soon be dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The ATO will issue you with a tax number which you will need in many aspects of life in this country. For instance, if you want to start up a business you may need an Australian Business Number or at least to register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you are going to be employed, you will need an Australian Tax File number.

To register for any of these numbers you will have to show some documents to prove who you are and what your status is here in Australia. The most important document you will need for the ATO is your identification. If you were born overseas or have identification documents that were issued in any other language than English you will need a NAATI accredited translator to make sure they are translated correctly before registering.

Any original documents need to be translated first by a document translation service, then certified by them that it is a true copy of the original document. The ATO is quite fussy about the way the certified translation is presented to them, as they won’t accept a translation from any person without the copy being stamped (if one is available) and the translator’s name or company name and telephone contact details as well as the date of the translation recorded on the copy.
Your language translation services should know what the ATO requirements are and provide several copies of the translation for you with each one certified by the translator or a representative of the translation service. This is important not just for the ATO, but other organizations for which your document translation is needed because the translation document may never be returned to you for use elsewhere. In fact, the ATO quite clearly states that any certified translation which is sent to them when registering will not be returned to you after they have examined it.

Hot Just Got Hotter?

While it may still be some time before Kylie Minogue is in danger of losing her crown as Queen of Australia’s music scene, there are plenty of up-and-coming young acts already making their mark.  The Triple J Hottest 100 featured acts from seven countries, of which just under half were Australian.  There were also a significant number of début artists, including both the eventual winner and the runner up.  The overall winner was Melbourne-born Vance Joy with Riptide, followed by New Zealander, Lorde with Royals.  Lorde also had two other songs in the top 100.  As well as being first on the list, Joy became the first artist to claim top spot without ever having actually released an album, although he is due to release one shortly.  He also became the first winner to write his song on a ukulele (at least as far as we know).  The rest of the top ten had a strong international flavour with entrants ranging from Daft Punk to London Grammar.  Sadly for Vance Joy, the (rip) tide turned at the Grammys, where Lorde claimed both Song of the year and Best Pop Solo Performance.  The other big winners of the night were Daft Punk, who manage to connect with audiences globally in spite of wearing robot costumes and refusing to speak directly, employing the UK’s Pharrell Williams as interpreter for the evening.  We can only assume they had an acceptance speech already prepared and translated for him to give.  Even though few occasions are as momentous as the Grammys getting document translation right is still advisable for a whole number of reasons, which is why NAATI translators are so much in demand.  A certified translation service will ensure that your key documents can be understood by everyone, no matter what the occasion.